I’m Brandi, author of Littles and Life. I’m incredibly happy that you’re here in my little corner of the internet, and I hope you stay a while!

meet me

I’m a Jesus loving little wife and mom that frequently has her nose stuck in a book. I enjoy listening to music loudly in the car, pushing my limits in pilates, getting tattoos, and eating York peppermint patties. I’m a former law student turned aspiring writer. In addition to novel and blog writing, I attend Southern New Hampshire University as a Creative Writing and English student (read my story HERE). 

What I want to do when I grow up: anything, as long as I’m writing

If you were to ask me why I started my blog, I'd tell you that when I became a mom, I seriously had no idea how many changes would be happening, emotionally, physically, and mentally, and it definitely wasn't anything that anyone told me about. It has been and is the most beautiful experience of my life, but also the hardest. I needed a way to decompress after the day, a way that brought me back to me. Since I don’t like wine, I began journaling throughout the new stages of motherhood as a way to chill out at the end of the day. Journaling eventually became blogging, and by the grace of God, blogging is slowly but surely turning into a full-time writing career. Writing began as a hobby and now it's a dream.

I hope reading my blog brings you the same joy that I have when I write them. If you leave my space of the internet with a smile on your face, then that’s good enough for me.

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