Wednesday, May 30, 2018

items to buy at Dollar Tree if you're flying with a toddler

I think Dollar Tree is totally underrated.

I've been shopping at Dollar Tree since I first started college and I've been obsessed ever since. Sure, there are some things that I definitely will not buy there (like the one time they offered frozen steak for a dollar, no thanks).

But for the most part, I enjoy shopping there.

One day I'll make a post of the things we buy on the regular there, but today I want to share everything I scored for our plane ride during our last vacation!


Dollar Tree's snack selection is pretty awesome. They have tons of name brand options and for a dollar each, they were the perfect size to stash away in our carry on bag.


I'm pretty sure half of Lilli's toys are from Dollar Tree. 1) I don't spend a ton of money on toys because she'll either be bored with them or ruin them by next week. 2) They have an awesome selection, especially creative toys!

water bottles

Now, if you need a water bottle to take to run the Boston Marathon, I'm going to suggest you buy the one that cost more than $1. BUT, for a two-year-old that will most likely drop/throw/ruin quickly, these are the perfect option for .50 cents each.

Do you shop at Dollar Tree? What are your favorites to buy there?

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Talk soon!

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  1. I love DT and I always forget to go there! I really need to make a trip soon. I bet they have great stuff for the kids for summer!

    1. I love it, too! They have some great stuff this year!

  2. The dollar store is my go-to for travel trinkets! They seriously are such a lifesaver. This is so perfect for our upcoming trip and I'll be sharing it on my favorites :) Sierra Beautifully Candid