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29 bible chapters you can read in an hour or less (free checklist!)

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I’m in a really busy season of life right now. In addition to raising a two-year-old, I’m currently raising a blog, freelance writing on the side, working alongside my husband in his small business, serving at our church, and struggling with my female health.

Whew. I need another cup of coffee. How about you?


It’s way too easy during this season to go the whole day without cracking open my Bible, or even a devotional.

“I’m too busy right now; maybe later.”
“The dishes/laundry/cleaning needs to be done.”
“I’ll wait until everyone has gone to bed.”

Does God love me any less on these days? No. Do I struggle with accepting God’s love on these days? Absolutely.

I become frazzled, worried, even fearful because I haven’t taken the time to sit down and immerse myself in God’s love. It changes things, friends.

During my moments of busyness, I’ve compiled a list for you of every single Bible chapter that you can read in an hour or less. Don’t have an hour? Cut the chapter in half, or even in quarters. Read a single chapter a day, if that’s what works for you right now.

I've even made you a checklist to give yourself a tangible goal sheet. Scroll to the bottom to see it!

Most of all, give yourself grace. One day, you’ll have more time on your hands than you know what to do with it. And God will be right there waiting for you. Take it one day at a time.

pin for later!

29 Bible chapters you can read in an hour or less:

(All page references are made according to ESV Bible version.)

Old Testament

Ruth. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
The Song of Solomon. 6 pages; 8 chapters.
Lamentations. 7 pages; 5 chapters.
Joel. 4 pages; 3 chapters.
Obadiah. 2 pages; 1 chapter.
Jonah. 2 pages; 4 chapters.
Micah. 6 pages; 7 chapters.
Nahum. 3 pages; 3 chapters.
Habakkuk. 3 pages; 3 chapters. 
Zephaniah. 3 pages; 3 chapters.
Haggai. 2 pages; 2 chapters.
Malachi. 3 pages; 4 chapters.

New Testament

Galatians. 4 pages; 6 chapters.
Ephesians. 4 pages; 6 chapters. (One of my favorites!)
Philippians. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
Colossians. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
1 Thessalonians. 3 pages; 5 chapters.
2 Thessalonians. 2 pages; 3 chapters.
1 Timothy. 4 pages; 6 chapters.
2 Timothy. 3 pages; 4 chapters.
Titus. 2 pages; 3 chapters.
Philemon. 1 page; 1 chapter.
James. 3 pages; 5 chapters. (Another fav!)
1 Peter. 4 pages; 4 chapters.
2 Peter. 3 pages; 3 chapters.
1 John. 4 pages; 5 chapters.
2 John. 1 page; 1 chapter. 
3 John. 1 page; 1 chapter.
Jude. 1 page; 1 chapter.

Just a note: I judged the "hour" mark based on my reading ability. Yours may differ from my own. :)

Here's your checklist! To print: Right click and click "Save Image As". Save the photo. Open the file and print. That's it!

Talk soon!

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  1. Thank you for the information and motivation, friend! I can completely relate and know that I need to focus more on spending time in God's presence. It really does change things and always for the better <3 Sierra~Beautifully Candid

    1. I agree, Sierra! Thanks for taking the time to stop by! <3