Saturday, December 30, 2017

two thousand seventeen

every story has an end, but really, the end is just the beginning. 

I'm sitting here trying to think of how I would describe our 2017, and really, I'm not able to. It was a vastly indescribable year filled with both the best and the worst of times. But as we're steps away from 2018, I can't help but think that even though this last year was a difficult one, I have a feeling it was God's way of paving a necessary road, one that will lead us to something even more indescribable. 

In 2017...

Kyle and I celebrated three years of marriage and had a getaway weekend to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

I got my fourth tattoo.

We fell in love with our home all over again.

My health took a turn for the worst.

I had my gallbladder removed, which created double the health problems.

Lilli started and ended gymnastics.

I redecorated Lilli's room (still am, if we're being honest here).

I began the rigorous months of testing my stomach to try and find out what was wrong, which consisted of two hospital stays, five procedures, and countless doctor appointments.

I changed my college degree and transferred universities. I unofficially officially became a writer.

Lilli began and ended swim lessons.

I was on a liquid diet for the majority of two months because of an intestinal blockage.

We made the journey to Cleveland Clinic and left with no answers and more frustration. But Kyle and I had the entire day before my appointment to spend together and that made the trip worth it. 

Lilli had her first boat ride.

We had professional family photos taken, as well as photos for my blog.

I drastically changed my hair color. 

Little Lumber Co. became Kyle's full-time job.

I began a gluten- and dairy- free diet.

My step-dad had major surgery, the first time he had ever been majorly sick.

I got my fifth tattoo.

And most of all...our faith grew larger than we ever thought possible. We went through many tough moments, days, weeks, and months that we honestly didn't think we'd make it out of. But we did. And not only did we make it through, but God showed us time and time again that He has no limit and that His love truly endures forever.

Have a blessed 2018, my friends. With God, all things are possible.

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