Thursday, October 5, 2017

an honest LipSense review from someone with bad lipstick experience

Hey, friends! Happy Thursday!

Is it just me or does this time of the year go by faster than any other part?? I feel like we have so much we want to do in so little time, then add in home renovations, school, and my see my dilemma.

Anyway! Let's talk about the lipstick everyone has been talking about lately: LipSense.

I'm sure you've probably heard of it but if not, this is a basic rundown of LipSense straight from the source: LipSense is a long lasting liquid lip color that is guaranteed to last 4-18 hours. It is waterproof, smudge proof, kiss proof, and non-drying. It is lead-free, wax free, gluten free, vegan, kosher, not tested on animals, and made in the USA.

I actually quit wearing lipstick a while ago because I was having such a rough time with it. It either 1) got all over the place in two seconds, including my cup, teeth, and child, or 2) make my lips so dry that it wasn't worth it.

I've been searching for something that I liked because I desperately missed wearing lipstick. I was so excited when Sonya from Red Gate Beauty asked me to try out LipSense!

Sonya was so generous and sent me a free tube of LipSense and a gloss to try out. I choose the color Apple Cider and the Glossy Gloss.

So, are you ready to hear what I, a girl who has a long line of bad lipstick experience behind her, think of LipSense?

I mostly loved it!

Let me break it down:

- I loved the color.
- The color lasted about a half-a-day for me.
- It didn't smudge.
- It didn't smear.
- It didn't get on anything the entire time I had it on, including my cup, teeth, and husband/child.
- My lips felt exfoliated.

- It made my already dry lips drier.
- I had to have the gloss with me constantly because my dry lips absorbed it quickly.

So let me start with the Cons first.
My lips are dry by nature, like really dry. It's something I've struggled with for as long as I can remember. It honestly didn't surprise me that my lips dried out, but it did surprise me how fast they dried out. This is probably just a "me" reaction, but I always want to be honest with you here on my little space of the internet. If I didn't reapply the gloss at least once every two hours-ish, my lips would dry out and start to peel very quickly. The gloss did help, but having to put the lip gloss on as often as I did make me feel like it was regular lipstick all over again. I'm not exactly sure how often you're supposed to reapply the gloss so this may be totally normal!

Now, on to the happy part. :)

I absolutely loved the color. I'm not a fan of bold lip colors and the Apple Cider color was right up my alley with enough color to say, "Hey, look at my pretty lipstick!" without being, "HEY. HI. HELLO. LIPS."
The color didn't last 18 hours for me, but I attribute that to my dry lips problem. It did last a half day at least most days, about 6-8 hours.
I didn't experience any smudging, smearing, or trace the entire day. That is the most aggravating thing about lipsticks to me, so in that department, LipSense scored a 110%.
After I removed my LipSense for the day, my lips felt great! They weren't near as dry and felt very exfoliated. I didn't use the Senegence remover; I just used my Micellar water.

So, would I recommend LipSense?

The short answer - yes! The pro's way outweighed the con's, and like I said before, the cons were probably just because I have odd lips, haha. My lips are naturally dry, hence it doesn't surprise me when they become dry with a product on top.

But is it toxin free?

I've talked in detail both on my blog and on my social media how our family is trying to eliminate as many toxins as possible from our lives. I've researched whether LipSense is considered "safe" in the toxin department, but I've come up with mixed reviews. I'm still researching and can't give my definite answer at the moment, but I'll be sure to add it in once I decide how I feel about it!

If you're interested in trying LipSense, I have a special coupon for you straight from Sonya at Red Gate Beauty!
Head to THIS LINK, find your goodies, and use this code at checkout for 15% off your order (which is a great discount!):  bloggymoms15

Have you tried the famous LipSense yet? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I had so many people tell me that it dried out their lips, too, so you're not the only one! Surprisingly it doesn't dry mine out even though my face and lips are always super dry already.

    1. That awesome that it didn't dry out your lips!