Monday, September 18, 2017

how to plan a kid's birthday party and not lose your mind (free printable!)

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Happy Monday, friends!
I absolutely cannot believe that this is my last full week with a one-year-old.

Where does time go???

Lilli’s second birthday party is this weekend and I’m knee-deep in party planning. I tend to go a tad overboard with parties…I’m not Gatsby-level but I’m definitely making my way there.

So, in light of my party planning shenanigans, I’m sharing my six best tips for planning a kids birthday party while simultaneously not losing your mind.

O N E ||

Plan, plan, and plan some more. I literally starting planning for Lilli’s birthday party, and any party in general, a couple months before the date of the party. That may seem excessive, but you’ll thank me the week of the party when you’re not dying.

T W O ||

To-do lists. I’m a fan of to-do lists on the reg, but they are seriously my life when I’m planning a party. My to-do list goes a little bit like this:

→ Who I invited / who RSVPed ('cause you can bet half of 'em won’t RSVP but will show up wanting a piece of cake)
→ What I need to buy/make
→ What can be done now / what needs done the week of
→ Layout of what decorations/food I want

Again, you call me excessive but I call myself sane. Check the bottom of the post for a free to-do list printable!! If you're not a fan of mine (no hard feelings), check out THIS ONE, THIS ONE, or THIS ONE.

T H R E E ||

You don’t need to make everything. I get wanting to be the Pinterest mom who handmade every detail of the party, including the decorations, food, and the paper cups. But you don’t need to be!! Your kids could care less if that Mickey Mouse head was handmade by you or Walmart. The birthday party you’re throwing them is more than enough for them.

And…as a small-business owner, I totally bow down to those who will make decorations/party favors / etc. for me and take a huge weight off my shoulders. It's their job and you can use that to your benefit while supporting them as well! When in doubt, Etsy it out.

F O U R ||

Ask for help. For Lilli’s first birthday party last year, my MIL came to the house for the entire day and helped me and played with the baby so I could get stuff done. Ask your family, a friend or two, or that mom you’ve been wanting to get to know better to come over for a “party decorating party”. There is absolutely no shame in asking for help.

F I V E ||

You don’t need what you don’t need. 
What? I know, hear me out. 
Last year, I sat and made 20 some party favors for kids to take home after the party. I ordered pretty bags, cut out coloring pages, put exactly three crayons in each bag, sealed it up with pretty tape…and you wanna know how many kids took one home? One.

Unless it’s cake and clothing (and that’s just for you, baby not required), you don’t need it. Cut out what you can absolutely live without and take that weight off your shoulders. 

S I X ||

Breathe. I know you want all your Instagram friends to see the awesome party you put together. You want to impress your friends and family who come to the party. You want your kid to bow down to you because you planned the best birthday ever. But you know what? Lilli loves me just the same on the days we spend the day watching movies in bed that she does on the day of her birthday party.

It’s really going to be okay.

As promised, here is your free to-do list printable!
simply right-click, save, then print!

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Be sure to check back in next week to see Lilli’s second birthday party (and send me a box of tissues because I’ll officially have a TWO-year-old)!

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  1. These are great tips! Party planning is always SO overwhelming. And I'm the exact same way with the lists... I make lists for everything!

  2. My sister does a great job with the kids' birthdays and the lists are always helpful!

    1. That's awesome!! They are so fun to plan. :)

  3. These are great idea on planning parties. I definitely plan my girls parties in advance too. It is soooo overwhelming and lists are your friend.