Tuesday, September 26, 2017

happy second birthday, Lilli Jo

My dearest Lilli,

I can remember when I was a little girl how I wished so deeply to have a daughter one day. I dreamed how beautiful life would be having a little girl that I would love with my whole heart.

I had no idea just how beautiful life could be with a daughter like you.

I could never explain in words how wonderful and joyous you have made these last two years. You have changed our lives in so many ways and we will be forever grateful for the beauty you’ve brought into our lives.

You’ve taught us so many things, from strength, to forgiveness, to enjoying the little things. There’s not a day that goes by that you don’t teach us something valuable.

You’re sassy. And funny. And stubborn. Kind. Shy. Hopeful. Smart. Beautiful.

You love to make others feel happy and you become giddy when you make someone smile. You love it when people make you laugh; laughing is your favorite. You have such a kind soul and I pray this world never changes that. 

You’ve been very confident in what you want when you want it since the day you were born. That personality trait might be hard to handle some days now, but when you’re older, it’ll be treasured.

My favorite time together is our cuddle time. When you lay your head on my shoulder as we sit in your rocking chair. When you rub my back or arm with your tiny hand and we hum “Jesus Loves Me” over and over…and over again as we rock.
When you see me and yell “MAMA!” and run up to me with your arms wide open, my heart darn near explodes. Actually, scratch that, it does explode
When you say “I…Wuv…Yew!”, it explodes again

You love to explore and everything is fair game. My eyes never leave you because it takes you .05 seconds to go from completely safe to “STOP THAT’S NOT SAFE”.

I love watching you dance and bob your head to the beat of the music. When I turned the music down in the car, you say, “Uh-oh. Song?!”

You love to read, just like your mama. We have more books than toys, I think. Sitting together and reading, not minding the clock, is one of our favorite things to do.

You love your dada fiercely and I thank Jesus profusely that you have such a wonderful daddy. He’s always on the floor with you playing princess, or holding your little foot while painting your toenails, or letting you sit on his back while he does push-ups. His goal in life is to make the best life for his girls and he loves you just as fiercely back.

I could thank Jesus every single moment of my life for you and it still wouldn’t be enough. I’m so unbelievably grateful for you, Lilli Jo. 

Happy second birthday, my love. 

I love you, mama

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