Friday, September 15, 2017

five on friday

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Happy Friday, friends!

I find myself almost wanting the weeks to slow down during the fall season. I'm so eager to hold on to every last bit of the fall / holiday season that I'm okay with slow weeks. Does that make sense??

The only days I want to go quickly are the above-70-degrees day and days that Lilli is in full-force-terrible-twos mode. Haha!

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O N E ||

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen in my stories that we finally have our dining room table in our dining room - I know, it's a total shocker. We've been working on tearing out all of our carpets and replacing it with wood floors since like...spring? Haha! We are finally almost done and I can't wait to start on all the other projects we have to wait on until the floors are done.

T W O ||

Speaking of Instagram, did you see the sneak peek of our family photos this week?! Our photographer is insanely talented and I'm so obsessed with the photos she snapped of us! 

bow / Lilli's dress similar / my dress

She also snapped a few photos of just me (it was terrifying) for my blog, including my new blog photo that I'll be changing today! 

T H R E E ||

We broke out the Halloween jammies this week! We purchased THESE on sale this week because of Lilli's obsession with "itties" (kitties). I have no shame in breaking them out a month early. Can you tell that I really love this season??

F O U R ||

Did you all watch the Bachelor in Paradise finale?? I was so upset that so many couples had broken up.

→I was really surprised by Robby and Amanda's story. I thought things might work out for them and I'm sad I was wrong!
→I was not surprised, however, by Lacey and Daniel's story. He was such a jerk on the show and although I'm sad for Lacey, she definitely deserves better.
→Dean and... Kristina/Danielle, ugh. I said last week that I was so sad by Dean this season after I had defended him in Rachel's season, and I was so close to thinking he had redeemed himself in the finale until he turned right back around to where he was in paradise. I really wanted him and Kristina to work out; it seems like they could have had something really special.
→Also, yay for Taylor and Derek!

F I V E ||

The 40% off sale off of sale items at the Lucky Duck Boutique is almost over! Be sure to snag some goodies at an amazing price! 

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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