Wednesday, August 2, 2017

toddler nap time routine for successful naps

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Happy Wednesday, friends! We are halfway through the week!

Can you guess how I'm able to write this post right now?

I'll give you a hint: naptime.

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Between blogging and school, I need nap time to not only blog more than once every six months but to also not fail out of school. Nap time is a necessity.

We struggled for a looooong time with Lilli's naps. We even hired a sleep therapist at one point (and nope, don't regret it for one moment). One piece of advice that she gave me that helped tremendously: routine.

I crave routine, and I learned very quickly that Lilli does, too. Once we started a naptime/bedtime routine, Lilli very quickly grasped the fact that once that routine starts, it's time for bed. Period.

Now, don't get me wrong. Sometimes she has off days and won't nap and we are both crying by the end of the day. #onlykindofkidding.

But, 90% of the time, Lilli goes down to bed around 1:30 in the afternoon, and sleeps until 4 pm.

I know, right?! I'm very proud of her accomplishments.

Anyway, what is this routine that I speak of?! Here is our naptime and bedtime routine that we follow for successful naps and nights:

O N E || Lilli always needs a full belly before laying down, and we usually eat lunch anywhere between 11:30-12:30. I always give her plenty of time to eat so I’m not rushing her to get her down for a nap. She also needs a bit to be upright after she eats so her acid reflux doesn’t kick in. 

T W O || After we eat lunch, we sit down and doing something quiet, like read or play with a quiet toy. She needs that time to calm down before her nap, otherwise, she has a hard time settling down at nap time.

T H R E E || I let her play for usually 15-ish minutes, and then we do a diaper change and brush her teeth. Afterward, we go to her bedroom to get ready for bed. We turn on her sound machine (find one HERE) and get her essential oils diffusing (lavender is our go-to). 

F O U R || We always try to have Lilli in bed by 1:30 at the latest, before she gets overtired and makes it harder for her to fall asleep. We lay her down, and cover her up with a blanket. We turn on her night light (find one HERE), and we let her have a couple books in bed because she likes to read to sleep, and she likes reads a book when she wakes up. We always sing “Jesus Loves Me”, give kisses, and then it’s time to go “night night”. 

We use this same routine during bedtime, except its dinner instead of lunch, and we throw a bath in after dinner versus playtime. :)

What is a must in your nap time or bedtime routine?

save this post for your next nap time!


  1. What a doll baby! Routine for us was key as well! Miss Andi napped from 10-12 and then again from 2-4. Now she is a one time napper but its usually for like 3 hour stretches if not more. Have to say, kiddo loves her sleep and that makes for one happy Mama!

    1. Thank you, Jessi! That's how Lilli was and how she is now! I definitely agree. Good nap time = happy mama!

  2. These are great tips! Routine is EVERYTHING. Without the routine, my kids get completely lost!

    1. YES exactly!! Even if it's just one day, it messes us all up when we have a messed up routine!