Friday, August 25, 2017

five on friday

Happy Friday, friends! I'm running on fumes this week so I'm particularly glad Friday is here this week.

O N E ||

bow || lilli's shirt similar || my shirt similar || sunglasses similar
The first thing on my mind this week is the terrible twos. I could tell that Lilli was starting them about a month or two ago, but lately it has been in full swing. Between school and all of my health problems (and blogging, obvi), I'm exhausted. Everything is a battle, she hardly sleeps anymore, and she says no more times in one day than she breaths. I love her fiercely, but I'm definitely feeling the mom guilt lately. Tips for dealing and not becoming a raging mom who yells no right back???

Seriously, hats off to those of you who have more than one kid. You're magic.

T W O ||

I found the prettiest rose gold storage containers at Walmart the other day. I just happened to see them in the college stuff and I just had to have them! (Hi, my name is Brandi and I'm a storage junkie.) In the store, I think they are $4 for two, which is an awesome deal. I could only find a bundle of rose gold items online with the baskets included. You can see it HERE. They look really pretty in person.
They also sell a larger matching basket HERE.

T H R E E ||

My very first class at SNHU ended this week! I so love their online program. Eight week accelerated courses with a week break in-between. Classes go all-year round, which some people may not like, but I love it because I'm going to be finishing my degree in half the time.

I just finished Context of Writing and I absolutely loved it!! It was all about the publishing world and I gained so much knowledge about what it takes to publish a book/work in the publishing industry.

My next class is Intro into Humanities, which is just a filler class for one of my general education areas. I'm not as excited for it, but I am excited to have a week off from classes so I can focus more on blogging.

F O U R ||

I've been struggling so much in the last few months with my following on Instagram. It seems like all of my blogger friends are gaining 1,000+ followers in a month, and I've been stuck at just under 3,000 for almost a year now (yeah, i'm being totally serious.) What are your best tips for gaining a genuine following?

I've heard to try more giveaways and follow days (mom crush monday, follow friday, etc.) so I'm going to try those out and see how they work!

F I V E ||

I was only able to get in one other post this week since we were in Cleveland for my appointment at Cleveland Clinic, but you can see the first half of our trip HERE. I'll be posting the second half of our trip (the medical part) on Monday if you're interested! [UPDATE: Read the second half HERE.]

Have a lovely weekend!!

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  1. Those baskets are so cute! I found some storage totes in the college section not to long ago and love them. Enjoy your break from classes!

    1. Walmart definitely has some treasure within the junk!! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

  2. Can't believe that basket is a Walmart find! ❤️ Love!

    1. Right?? Walmart definitely has some great finds!