Friday, August 18, 2017

five on friday

Hey, friends! Raise your glass (coffee counts) to another week in the books!

O N E || 

Do you ever take a picture and fall so hard in love with it that you want to use it everywhere?

That's my exact feelings about this picture that Lilli and I took on Sunday. I think it'll even be my blog photo for a while until I can reschedule my photo shoot!

My top is from H&M, my jeans are from THIS boutique (size up), Lilli's outfit is from Old Navy, and her bow is from THIS shop.

T W O ||

We are celebrating the (hopefully) last weeks of summer with a new pool! Yep, I know it's August. Buuuuut I got it 70% off because I waited until the end of summer to purchase it. :) #win

Only downfall: literally took 12 years off of my life to blow this thing up. And that's with using the air compressor. Think it'll make it through the winter if we don't deflate it?

T H R E E ||

I found a pair of boyfriend jeans from Old Navy on Poshmark (use code JGRRI for $5 credit), and I love the way they fit; however, they weren't distressed enough for me for a pair of boyfriend jeans.

So I followed THIS tutorial and distressed a couple areas. It took forever but I love the way they turned out! I might do more later, but my fingers were too sore to do anymore this time.

F O U R ||

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen this photo in my story.

I 99% sure I've decided on number two! What do you think??

Ps... these are from Stikwood.

F I V E ||

A friend on IG posted THESE jeans on her stories, and I fell in love with them for fall! I love Old Navy's Rockstar Jeans and this color is so pretty. I'm thinking I might snag a pair before fall begins!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. That is a perfect photo for you blog. I love the colors and softness. So pretty. What a cool pool set up for Lilli!

  2. I agree #2 on the shiplap for sure!! Love your new main photo! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston