Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Everything Etsy: How to Open an Etsy Shop

Hey, friends! So, in my lifetime, I’ve owned two separate Etsy shops. One, Little Stitches by Brandi Little, I recently closed to go back to school. The other, Little Lumber Co., is still open, but my husband does 99% of the work for it, and I just do the logistics part.

I have learned a lot from each shop experience, and I can’t tell you the number of questions I've received over the years about opening/owning/surviving an Etsy shop.

In lieu of those questions, I’m starting a series called “Everything Etsy” to answer all the questions you need answering to own an Etsy shop.

First up: How to Open an Etsy Shop

Seems simple, right? While Etsy does an excellent job of giving you step-by-step instructions when opening your shop, there’s still quite a bit that you need to think about when opening an Etsy shop.

Let’s start here: How do I choose a name?

When choosing a name for your shop, make sure it’s a name that you don’t ever see yourself changing. It’ll make life soooooo much easier in the long run if you stick to the name you started with.

To start, make a list of potential names. Be original and make it yours. After you’ve written down a few potential names, make sure they’re not taken on any platform, Etsy or otherwise. Search Google first. If you don’t find it anywhere (including names for blogs, brick and mortar businesses, etc.), you’re probably good to use it. Still worrying? Check Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy for anything similar. If you're debating between a couple names, I have found it helpful to narrow what’s left by asking friends and family which one appeals to them most. You’d be surprised how one sticks out to everyone else when you’re lost at which one to pick.

Have a name? Good. Let’s go to the next step: A logo.

If you have expertise in logo-stuff and feel comfortable making a logo that will be used for your shop, business cards, social media, etc. – do it. If not, hire someone or ask someone you know if they’d be willing to do it for you. It’s worth the money to hire someone if you have no clue when you’re doing. Your logo is the first thing someone sees when they look at your shop. Make it good.

Unsure of who to hire? Search Etsy. Look for good reviews and for something you love that you probably wouldn’t want to ever change. Why? While it’s easier to change your logo than your shop name, it’s still a pain and is easier done for good in the beginning.

Now, while you’re working on your logo, I highly suggest you create/ask that same person to create a shop banner for your shop (the pretty picture that is the header of your shop). It makes things look nicer, more professional and is totally worth it.

Got your logo/banner? Good. Let’s head to the next step: Open your shop on Etsy.

Go to and click “Sell on Etsy”. To sell on Etsy, you need to have an account. If you don’t have one, make one now. If you have one, log in. This is where you’ll fill out all of your information: profile picture (use the best photo of you/you and your family you have), your contact information, shop information, etc. This is the step-by-step process I was talking about earlier. This part is pretty easy overall.

A few side notes:

*When you add your shop name, it’s only allowed to be so many characters long. So if you have a long shop name, you’ll have to abbreviate it in some way. For my first shop (Little Stitches by Brandi Little), I used “BrandiLittleStitches”. If your entire shop name fits, don’t abbreviate it.

*Your shop title should be your shop name + any brief info you’d like to add about your shop. For our current shop (Little Lumber Co.), our shop title states:

Little Lumber Co. || Wood decorations and décor.

This gives potential clients our shop name + brief info of what they can expect to find here.

*The shop icon portion is your shop logo. Upload it here.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed your first “Everything Etsy” mini-class. Stay tuned for my next “Everything Etsy” post: How to Open an Etsy Shop, Part Two. This will review the details of your shop info, such as: your shop announcement, your message to buyers, policies, etc.

Talk to you soon!


  1. This was so informative! I have been toying with the idea of opening one, but who knows if it will ever come to fruition!

    1. Thank you, Lindsay! If you need any help if you decide to open one, I'd love to help out!

  2. excited to see the rest of this series! <3