Friday, July 14, 2017

five on friday

O N E || hallelujah privacy
We finally got our fence installed this week! I grew up in the country, and that remains my #housegoals for the future, but for now, I’m happy to have some privacy in our subdivision lot. 

Also, am I silly for saying that I’m happy for easier (and less embarrassing) photo taking adventures, aka the neighbors not staring at us like we've gone crazy???

T W O || literally, TWO

Lilli is just three-ish months shy of turning TWO. It’s definitely bittersweet, and I'm almost nervous. I’ve loved every moment of having her in our family, but every stage comes with it’s happiness and challenges. Lilli hit the “terrible two’s” a bit early, but I’m scared it’s going to get worse when she’s officially two. BUT I love this stage where she’s learning something new every day and her personality is in seriously blooming mode and I love it! We learn more of her every day and she’s just the brightest part of our lives.

T H R E E || living room progress

I’m going to blog this in detail when it’s finished, but I finally found bookshelves for our living room! As a writer and avid reader, I hoard books like it’s my job. I love having my books out for display because that’s just a part of me, but I also hate having them thrown wherever I can fit them. I’ve been looking for the perfect bookshelves to sit on either side of our TV so I can 1) have a pretty place for my books, and 2) I love bookshelves and have had this dream in my head for, like, ever.

I’m still in decorating mode, which is why you’re seeing a before picture. Also, that’s our coffee table (that Kyle handmade for us, how special is that?) in the middle and not a permanent fixture. We are going to make a tiered floating bookshelf for the TV to sit in the middle of the bookshelves. 

You can find these bookshelves HERE. Ps.. We got the "Antiqued White", and it's more of a cream than white.

F O U R || giveaway

In honor of my new blog name/blog update, I’ve been hosting a giveaway this week on my Instagram ($130 worth of small shop credits!), and it ends today! Enter HERE.

F I V E || little bit of vulnerability

This week has obviously had so many positives, but we’ve also had a rough week in some areas, too. Sometimes it really seems like we just can’t get ahead, especially with my medical issues constantly throwing a dent in my day. But I’m reminded even while writing this post that I’m so blessed. Yeah, I had my moments this week that I wanted to scream into a pillow. But when I take a step back and look at the massive field of beautiful flowers that my life has, those few raindrops don’t seem so bad. 

Shop our backyard fun down below!


  1. You are going to LOVE having that privacy fence! That was one of the first things we did after we built our house and it was the best decision we ever made. It makes me feel so much safer and like we have more privacy!

    1. I'm incredibly excited about it! Happy Friday, Lindsay!

  2. I am seriously loving those beautiful book shelves! Those are perfect. And blog name change and design suit you so well. I love it. And yay for a privacy fence! I hope you have a good weekend!

  3. The fence looks so nice! Our neighbors got a fence this weekend and now I want one!