Wednesday, July 12, 2017

almost two years of Lilli Jo

My sweetest Lilli Jo,

I was sitting here trying to think of exactly how many “months” you are when I realized that we are only three months away from celebrating your second birthday!!! I can hardly believe it. You change so much every month, week, day - it scares me to think I won’t be able to catch every part of you.

I don’t think there’s an exact word that describes you as a whole, Lilli Jo. Every single part of you is so beautiful and so intricate. Your soul is as sweet as honey, but you also know how to hold your ground. For how little you are, you are so fierce. But, you don’t ever let that ferocity overcome your sensitivity. I was so fearful that I would pass my sensitivity side onto you, and although that’s exactly what happened, it is shaping you into the kindest little girl. You don’t have it in you to be mean to another human or furry being, and I’m glad that has been instilled in you from the beginning. 

I am grateful for this part of your sensitivity, but I would be lying if I said it doesn’t hurt my heart, also. It’s absolutely heartbreaking when you cry because someone left your side, didn’t want to play with you, or even when you’re told no. I can never stay frustrated with you when you instantly change from fierce to sensitive.

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You are a giver of hugs. All anyone has to do is ask you. You’re so willing to be kind and sweet, and I pray that is something that never changes. But I also pray that same sweetness is never taken advantage of.

You are also a giver of words. You talk and babble and proudly yell all day long about whatever is going on in your little head. I wish I could look inside your thoughts to see their path, but I’ll settle for your jumble of words for now. 

You are so incredibly smart. You pick up on things so fast, and you get so excited when you learn something new and can show that knowledge off. But you also get incredibly frustrated so quickly. Your patience is about as tall as you are. 

Something I am proud that I passed on to you: your love for reading. Girlfriend, you could read all day every day and never get bored. I’ll gladly join you in a reading party any day of the week.

I’m 99.99% certain your day revolves around Minnie Mouse (mimmie), food, and your mama; I’m totally okay with it. :)

I love how you “sing” in your carseat during car rides. I love how you give me a huge hug whenever I walk in the door. I love how when I walk into a room, I hear “MAMA MAMA MAMA!”. I love how you’ll cuddle with me on the couch, wrapped in a blanket with a snack. I love how you try to work out alongside me. I love it when you start giggling and you can’t stop. I love how you pet the cat whenever he lays with you. I love how you want to help me with everything I do. I love how you reach for my hand throughout the day. I love how you lay your head on my shoulder when I tell you I LOVE YOU. I love to watch you play when your occupied with a toy. I love to watch you run with your little legs. I love hearing you say “uh ohhh”, “peese”, “tank you”, “all gone”, “ni-ni (night-night)”, “juice”, “yeah”, “aww”, "hi", "bye-bye" and “okay”. Even your little “no” is cute (most days). 

Here’s a list of everything I can think of that you currently love: food ( #allthefood ), juice (Mio in water), Miss Bunny, music, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, reading, animals, going down slides, swimming/taking baths, coloring, stickers, laughing, brushing your teeth, singing, exploring new places, counting, playing in your outdoor house, tickles, pushing buttons (literally, although some days you like to push mine, too), snuggling up in towels/blankets, having your toe nails painted, stealing mom and dad’s food, sitting on daddy’s back while he does push ups, trains, airplanes, Nemo (Mo-Mo), putting makeup on with mommy.

And here’s a list of everything I can think of that you currently hate: getting dressed because those five minutes are critically important in your day, going potty in the big girl potty, getting in the car seat/being in the car for any longer than 15 minutes on a good day, nap time, going to the doctor’s office (understandable after the road of health issues you’ve had), when mom leaves anytime ever at all.


Rememberable lines:

Mama: “You either stop or you go to time out.”
Lilli: *walks to time out*

Lilli: *screaming your lungs out for some reason or another*
Mama: Want a snack?
Lilli: *immediately stops crying and walks to pantry*

(shortly after you learned the letter “I”)
Lilli: *looking at a Nilla wafer box and pointing to letters*

Daddy: “Lilli, are you cranky today?”
Lilli: “Yeah.”

Mama: *opens your door after nap* Lilli, what's that smell?
Lilli: *points to poopy diaper*
“UH OH.”

You are my heart and soul, Lilli Jo. I love you more and more every day, and I’m so, so blessed to be your mama. 

I love you, mama

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  1. Please, please print this out for her and put it in a box for her. Something that keeps all of the perfect little keepsakes + share this with her on the day she has her first child. Because I can GUARANTEE this will make her cry beautiful tears of admiration and will take her breath away as it has taken mine. This is absolutely stunning, Brandi. ABSOLUTELY. STUNNING.