Monday, June 19, 2017

DIY preschooler pattern project with fruit loops

I’m very excited today to host my first ever guest post!

Today’s post is brought to you by, featuring a learning activity geared towards preschoolers.

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Practice patterning the fun way—by playing with your food! Using a Fruit Loop-type cereal and yarn, help your preschooler create crunchy, edible patterns. Start with a simple ABC, 3-color pattern and work your way to more complicated ones as she works on small motor skills and developing her understanding of shapes and patterns. She can even nibble while she works!

What You Need: 
  • Fruit Loops or other loop-shaped cereal in a variety of colors
  • Small bowls or cups
  • Scissors
  • Yarn or string
  • Masking tape

What You Do:
  1. Have your preschooler sort some of the cereal by color, putting each color in a separate bowl or cup. She can also do this on a plate or cutting board.
  2. Help her cut three pieces of yarn, each just over one foot long. Wrap one end of each piece of yarn with masking tape to create a "needle".
  3. Have her gather groups of cereal pieces in three different colors. Can she lay out an ABC pattern on the table? Get her started threading this pattern onto the yarn. Encourage her to thread at least 6 repeats.
  4. If necessary, sort more cereal!
  5. What other patterns can she make? Ask her to again choose three colors of cereal. Now have her string an AA BB CC pattern, again stringing several repeats.
  6. Now it’s your turn! Choose three different colors of cereal. On the table, lay out an A BB CCC DDDD pattern or another of your choice. Ask your child to describe the pattern to you. Now have her string an A BB CCC DDDD pattern of her own.

When you're all done, strung cereal can be hung outside for the birds or unstrung and munched by your young pattern maker.

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  1. Such a great activity for toddlers. They can learn colors, counting and hand/eye coordination!