Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Beauty Counter | unboxing my samples

I went to go write my overused "Happy [insert day here], friends!" and then it took me way too long to remember what day it was and decided I should just start off with something different.


Howdy, friends!... nope, not cowboy enough for that.
What's up, friends?!... nope, I'm too tired to be that hip today.

How about a simple, How are you today, friends? :)

That's better.


My sweet friend Jordan over at Latte's and Living was so kind to send me some Beauty Counter samples to try out. Kyle and I have been super conscious of the items we have in our home, from cleaning supplies to makeup, so this is right up my alley.

According to Beauty Counter's website, their products are filled with all good and nothing bad. I love that they are honest about everything that goes into their products, and you know it's safe when you put it on your, or your child's, skin!

Here's what I got in my sample box:

Jordan went above and beyond with her packaging, and everything was so pretty. It made me appreciate it even more!

I've been on the hunt for some new shampoo and body wash for Lilli. I just order some from the Honest company to try, so I'll have to compare the two!

My skin became incredibly dry after having Lilli, and I've struggled finding something that keeps my skin hydrated all day long without looking greasy. I'm excited to see how these work, since they have an all day system for your entire face.

This is something else I've been on the hunt for: foundation. Since my skin is so dry, I have a hard time with liquid because it highlights the driest parts of my skin, but I have a even harder time with powder since it's putting dry makeup on dry skin. I'll have to see if these work!

The white jar is sunscreen; we are currently using a brand that we found at Target with minimal ingredients, but it's so thick and incredibly hard to rub in. I can tell just by looking at this one that it's going to be easier to put on, and it still has an SPF of 30. The black jar is a charcoal mask. I love face masks, but rarely have time to put them on. I've heard charcoal is super good for the skin, so I'm pumped to see if it helps my dry skin. The cream jar is a skin tint. I'll have to research this, because I've never used a skin tint before! I don't like products like bronzers, because I want my makeup to look as natural as possible without anything added that doesn't "have" to be. So I'll have to see about this one!

This is a soothing face oil. I currently use THIS face oil at night, so I'll have to compare and see if it's worth the switch. :)

After I try everything out, I'll be sure to write a post of what I thought about everything, full opinions and all!

Have a great day, friends! (at least I got that one right ;) )

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