Tuesday, May 16, 2017

progress report || lilli's room

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday. I hope your week has had a great start!

I'm slowly recovering from surgery - too slowly for my liking! I had a lot of people tell me that they bounced right back after having their gallbladder out, so it's a little discouraging. But I'm healthy and doing as well as I can, and that's all that I can ask for!

Anyway - back to the point of this post. We've started renovations around our home, and I couldn't be more excited! We've made some progress in Lilli's room, to the point where we only have a few more things left to do before I call it finished-for-now, because I'm never fully done when it comes to decorating. :)

What we've finished so far:

 Lilli's bow wall 

toy and book storage

I took two wooden crates, painted them yellow, and glued them together. Then I took some felt and covered the corners to protect Lilli in case she fell by them.

corner spot

sleep area 

What we still need to do:

\\ floral wall decal for the bed wall. I'm thinking this one or this one. which do you think?
\\ hardwood the floors. we are doing all the floors in the house, so this one might take a while.
\\ picture for the white frame in the corner spot. yep, I still have the picture that came with the frame in there, lol! i'm planning on ordering from this shop!
\\ area rug. i'm planning on buying from here!
\\ a wreath for the closet door.
\\ find a cute pillow for the chair. 
\\ I haven't decided whether or not to find a small basket to hold the items on Lilli's dresser. 
\\ a new light fixture. I haven't decided between a ceiling fan or this fixture.

If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with all things floral. Lilli's room makes me so happy and I can't wait to see it finished!

You can see all of our house updates on my Instagram and via the hashtag #littlehomeredo.

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  1. Everything is gorgeous, Brandi!! I love all of the flowers.