Wednesday, May 31, 2017

memorial day

Hi friends!

I'm a day late posting this because we actually had an extra long weekend (#hallelujah)! I don't mind starting the week on a Wednesday. :)

We started our weekend fun on Friday. Lilli and I met one of our friends for lunch, and even though Panera was crazy crowded with school getting out that week, it was still so much fun. Lilli and her friend are the same age, and they were laughing with each other the whole time. :)
Kyle and I had our normal Friday night indoor date night, complete with a movie and ordering dinner in. Well, Kyle ordered dinner in and I had some super bland meal because I'm still not able to eat a whole bunch. Lol! We watched Fantastic Beasts, and we loved it just as much as we did the first time we saw it. #HarryPotterForever

Saturday was nothing spectacular. We worked around the house and did some shopping. Nothing wrong with a "boring" day. :)

Sunday is when the real fun began. We went to church (in our matching outfits, of course), and then headed over to Kyle's family's cookout. Lilli had a blast. She played from the moment we got there until we left around 5 pm. She didn't even lay down for a nap (which we totallyyyyy paid for later, but it was worth it).


so chill
we found out that her suit was a little too big...
She is obsessed with water, and loves to swim. She was in the pool with Kyle for an hour (I still can't swim with my incisions), and then played in the kids pool until lunch. She ate a few chips and then immediately went back into the pool and played for, I think, like three hours?? She absolutely loved this pool, so much so that Kyle and I are thinking of trying to find one for her.

Sunday evening we headed out to my parents house. It was a 2 ish hour drive, and Kyle and I fell asleep very shortly after arriving. We are the oldest 20 some year olds that we know, lol!

Monday we had a cookout with my family, and Lilli rode in a wagon for the first time, complete with a tractor pull and all. (Can you tell we are country folk?)

We are outside all.the.time when we are at my parents house. They live on 4 acres of pure bliss, so we  do everything we can outside. We always have the best time!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and a great week to come!


  1. Oh my goodness, you girls looks so SWEET in your matching outfits. She is SUCH a doll, Brandi. I'm serious... she looks like an actual little baby doll. Just precious.

  2. I love your matching outfits and seeing Lilli on that raft. So stinking cute!