Wednesday, May 31, 2017

memorial day

Hi friends!

I'm a day late posting this because we actually had an extra long weekend (#hallelujah)! I don't mind starting the week on a Wednesday. :)

We started our weekend fun on Friday. Lilli and I met one of our friends for lunch, and even though Panera was crazy crowded with school getting out that week, it was still so much fun. Lilli and her friend are the same age, and they were laughing with each other the whole time. :)
Kyle and I had our normal Friday night indoor date night, complete with a movie and ordering dinner in. Well, Kyle ordered dinner in and I had some super bland meal because I'm still not able to eat a whole bunch. Lol! We watched Fantastic Beasts, and we loved it just as much as we did the first time we saw it. #HarryPotterForever

Saturday was nothing spectacular. We worked around the house and did some shopping. Nothing wrong with a "boring" day. :)

Sunday is when the real fun began. We went to church (in our matching outfits, of course), and then headed over to Kyle's family's cookout. Lilli had a blast. She played from the moment we got there until we left around 5 pm. She didn't even lay down for a nap (which we totallyyyyy paid for later, but it was worth it).


so chill
we found out that her suit was a little too big...
She is obsessed with water, and loves to swim. She was in the pool with Kyle for an hour (I still can't swim with my incisions), and then played in the kids pool until lunch. She ate a few chips and then immediately went back into the pool and played for, I think, like three hours?? She absolutely loved this pool, so much so that Kyle and I are thinking of trying to find one for her.

Sunday evening we headed out to my parents house. It was a 2 ish hour drive, and Kyle and I fell asleep very shortly after arriving. We are the oldest 20 some year olds that we know, lol!

Monday we had a cookout with my family, and Lilli rode in a wagon for the first time, complete with a tractor pull and all. (Can you tell we are country folk?)

We are outside all.the.time when we are at my parents house. They live on 4 acres of pure bliss, so we  do everything we can outside. We always have the best time!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and a great week to come!

Friday, May 26, 2017

five on friday

Happy Friday, friends! Friday’s are always so much sweeter when it’s a long weekend! What are your plans for the weekend?

O N E || the last chapter of LSBBL

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may have seen that I own a shop called Little Stitches by Brandi Little. I opened it about 3.5 years ago, which is why this decision was so bittersweet. After much prayer and long, long days of thinking, I decided to shut down LSBBL. I can feel that it’s time. My passion for it is not what it once was, and my passion has shifted to other areas in my life. I’m hosing lots of sales and giveaways on the shop’s Instagram, and it’ll officially close down on June 1st. If you interested in snagging anything, you can view the shop HERE.

T W O || woof, woof

Did you see my post this week about our farmhouse-inspired dog crate? It’s one of my favorite projects (and posts) ever. You can see it HERE.

T H R E E || rain, rain, go away

Has it been non-stop rain where you live?! My goodness, it’s been a constant flood where we live! I love thunderstorms, but I’m missing my sunshine! The weekend forecast has been changing from rain to sunshine, so I hope the sunshine wins out!

F O U R || mercari

I also posted about my Mercari haul this week; you can see that HERE.

F I V E || let’s eat

Are you one of the few people left that uses recipe books more than Pinterest, haha?? I am! Don't get me wrong, I love Pinterest, but I love having the actual paper version of my recipes (I am the same way with books), and I’m always on the hunt for cute new recipe cards to add to my recipe binder. I usually print them off, and that eats up my ink like crazyyyy. I started searching on Amazon and found these beauties:

Aren’t they so pretty? The price makes them even prettier: $8.99 for 50 of them! That’s such a steal, and these are super high quality. The only down fall: there is no specific spot for the “ingredients” part of the recipe, but I just mark off a spot on each card. Totally worth it for nine bucks.

Have a wonderful Friday, and even better weekend!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

my mercari haul

Hi friends! Happy Wednesday! I'm super happy that we are halfway through this week. If you saw my Instagram post this morning, then you know I'm writing this with my eyelids have closed, and I may or may not accidentally take a nap while writing this.

Haha I only wish I was joking.

Anyway! Have you all ever heard of Mercari?

Mercari is an app like is just like Poshmark and ThredUp. You sell clothes you no longer want, and you can buy clothes for very reasonably priced.

I don't buy from here super often, because I wait until I have enough credits from selling my clothes before buying new ones. Otherwise I'd buy all the things and Kyle would get concerned about all the packages on our door step. :)

I recently did a small haul, though, and wanted to show off what I snagged for a grand total of... you can see the answer at the bottom of this post! ;)

I got both this forest green top and black Old Navy skinny jeans in this haul. I love this green top so much, but it is a little large on me. The back is a little lower than I prefer, so I'm going to see if I can make it work with a strappy tank top that I ordered that I'm waiting to arrive. But the back is so beautiful - look at that ruffle detail!

I also snagged those black skinny jeans for an amazing price. I have three pairs of these jeans, but for some reason, these didn't fit me like the others do! I'm wondering if they are an older edition, or maybe because they are black versus blue jean. Either way, I'm going to resell them because I can't get over the fit. 

I also got this pretty pink tank top! This is also a little big on me (yay for losing weight - but bummer being in-between sizes!), but the straps are adjustable so I can make this one work - yay! The color is perfect for spring and summer, and I love the beaded detail at the top.

I haven't decided about this dress yet. Things I love about it: It's length - it's so hard finding lengths that work on my short height, but that also cover my bum. The length is perfect on this! I love the material - it's a heavier material that's perfect for fall and winter, and that fabric is also super forgiving. I absolutely cannot stand when things hug my body - I couldn't even stand it before I had a "mom bod". Lol! Dislike: The color is difficult to describe, but I'm not sure yet if it looks good with my skin tone or not. The waist is also a bit big on me, but I can't tell yet if it's that noticeable. What do you think - keep or not keep?

I was super excited to snag this matching set of Under Armour workout gear! Workouts are always better when you're wearing cute workout clothes, am I right? ;) These thankfully fit perfectly, and I love the colors of both. 

Here's a break down of the prices:

Green tank top: Regularly: $35. My price: $3!
Black Old Navy skinny jeans: Regularly: $30. My price: $10!
Pink tank top: Regularly: $15. My price: $3!
Green Forever21 dress: Regularly: $20. My price: $5!
UA black tank top: Regularly: $40. My price: $3!
UA purple sports bra: Regularly: $45. My price: $3!

So full price, I would have paid $185. Nope. I love to find clothes and that I love and feel good in, but I never pay full price for anything unless I need it. Even then, I have a hard time doing it, lol! That's the main reason I shop on Mercari and Poshmark.

Total, plus the $9 shipping, I paid $54! But really, I only paid $9 because that's the only thing I didn't have enough credits for. Even still though, that's a huge discount for brand new clothes!

If you're interested in joining Mercari, you can use my referral code and you'll get $2 free to spend on any purchase! Just download the Mercari app, and enter in code ZTMSUN.
If you're interesting in joining Poshmark, you can use my referral code and you'll get $5 free to spend on any purchase! Just download the Poshmark app, and enter in code JGRRI.

Monday, May 22, 2017

our farmhouse-inspired dog crate

Hey friends! Happiest of Monday's, and I hope you had a weekend so great that it makes Monday feel not-so-bad!

Kyle and I finally finished our farmhouse-inspired dog crate that we have been working on for months now! Our dog, Sophia, has been in need of new house for a while now. We had been using one of those old metal ones that is very unflattering in the terms of it's looks, but functional overall. I asked Kyle to design and build something (he's seriously the most talented woodworker ever, you guys) that looks nice enough that we could leave in the living room full time, but still keeps Sophia contained.

So, he came up with this:

Isn't it gorgeous?! I am so unbelievably in love with it. It fits my style (and our home) perfectly, and our dog loves it. Okay, she doesn't love being "in bed", but she doesn't mind being in there when she does have to be in it.

I still need to decorate the left side of that area. I'm thinking a homemade bench that can double as seating in our living room, and maybe some sort of greenery.... and I think I'm going to do some faux shiplap or pretty wallpaper on this wall... and I want to do some more decorating in the open wall area... Yikes. Sorry. I'll slow the idea train down a bit. :)

Anyway. I'm obsessed. It's one of my new favorites in our home!

Also, I'm having a blast updating on our home reno's and projects, and I hope you are loving it, too! :)

Have a lovely Monday!

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Friday, May 19, 2017

five on friday

Hey friends + happy FRIDAY!

How has your week been? I hope you answered with "absolutely fabulous!" :)

O N E || recovery

My recovery has been so up and down this week. My incision and surgical spot pain is finally starting to chill out, but was quickly replaced with digestive issues. All day Tuesday and most of Wednesday, I wasn’t able to keep anything down, and I had the most horrible stomach cramps. My diet has consisted of applesauce, mashed potatoes, and chicken broth this week. 

It’s hard not to get discouraged. I had many, many people tell me that they bounced back very quickly after this surgery, so it’s discouraging that I’m not. I have an appointment with my surgeon for follow up today, so maybe he can help!

Either way, I’m glad that I’m healthy overall, and at least not in as much pain this week!

T W O || lilli’s room

Did you see my post earlier this week giving a progress report on the remodel in Lilli’s room? You can see that HERE!

T H R E E || kisses, A

I refused to watch the show Pretty Little Liars for the longest time, because I thought it looked like the silliest show… but now I’m on season five and I’m obsessed. It is so much better than just some teen drama like I thought it was. I love mysteries, and although this one seems never ending, it’s definitely good. Have you seen it before?

F O U R || little lumber co.

Kyle and I opened our shop back up this week (see it HERE)! We only keep it open until we hit so many orders, and then we close to catch up until the next time. If you have your eye on anything, be sure to grab it now! We are working on adding more inventory, so stay tuned!

F I V E || disney

I finally posted about our Disney trip this week, as well. You can see that HERE.

I hope you all have had a fabulous week and and even more fabulous weekend to come!

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

our little trip to disney

Hi, friends!

I'm finally getting around to posting about our trip to Disney! We had such a great time, and it truly is the most magical place on earth!

I have a lot of photos, so I'll cut right to the chase:

disney springs

Disney Springs was the first place we went to explore the first night we were in Florida. Well, technically the second night, but the first night we had just traveled for 24 hours straight. :)


I have always loved it here. Kyle and I went during our honeymoon a couple years back, and it has already changed so much since then. I love the live music everywhere, and all of the delicious food smells coming from every way. Lilli loved seeing all the "new", and it made me so excited to see how she would love Disney the next day!

my birthday

The first day we spent at Disney landed on my birthday, and it was the best birthday I've ever had!

matching shirts
Lilli is absolutely obsessed with Mickey and Minnie (specifically "mimmie"), and she was soaring during their show at the castle. She kept waving to them and yelling "mimmie! mimmie!"


Lilli is so chill in this photo, haha! 

Kyle's parents were able to join us during our trip, and we snagged a date night (at Disney, on my birthday - talk about the best date ever!) that evening, and we rode the rides Lilli wasn't able to go on, stayed for the fireworks, and did some exploring, just the two of us!

day two


Out of everything we did on the trip, Lilli meeting Mickey and Minnie was my favorite part. I had tears in my eyes the entire time, and seeing the pure joy in her face was priceless. She gave Minnie tons of hugs and kisses, and was so sad when we had to leave her.

She was quite literally screaming when we had to leave them and continue our adventure. But she was fine after she got to play in the little water circus park.

day three

Day three we spent at Epcot for our final day. We were there during the flower and garden festival, and it was absolutely beautiful.

my shirt // bow // lilli's romper

I think this was Lilli's favorite ride of our trip. She loves fish and anything to do with underwater, and the Nemo ride was right up her alley. I really loved this ride, too, and I think it was one of my favorites. :)

the rest of the fun


Although we want to wait a few years before we visit again, I loved every minute of this trip. It was a dream, and Lilli's reactions, smiles, and joys were the best part. I'll never forget how much happiness this vacation brought us!

I'll be making a post in the near future about my tips for visiting Disney, specifically your first time!