Wednesday, April 5, 2017

goose and mills

i’ve been so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to get to know Kara, founder and owner of Goose and Mills. we met through a mutual friend, found out we both like to do this whole small business thing, and the rest is history!

kara makes the cutest bows and head wraps. i could seriously buy every single one and not regret a thing.

and, some other good news? she recently added mommy and me scarves to her shop. #seeyamoney

seriously guys, check out Goose and Mills asap. it’s a must. i've seen first hand the effort, love, and hard work that she puts into her shop and her customers and i mean it when i say you'll receive love in the mail.

also, while you’re at it, check out Little Dumpling Apron Co., kara’s other ridiculously adorable shop! lilli doesn’t have an apron yet because she’s still so small, but as soon as she gets there, you bet i’ll be getting her one of these beautiful aprons!

kara is kind enough to give my followers and readers a special discount just for checking out her shop! you can use code \\ NEWFRIEND15 // for 15% off your purchase at Goose and Mills!

you can check out goose and mills instagram here!

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