Tuesday, April 4, 2017

eighteen months


we’ve been blessed with eighteen months of you. we’ve laughed, smiled, cried, hurt, thrived, and most of all - loved. you are the light of our lives, and every part of me loves every part of you.

i’m in love with your soul. you are so sweet, and love to give hugs to those who are willing to accept them. including the cat and the dog.
when another child is crying, you sit and watch, and make sure they are okay, before you go about your business.
you would still rather be held than walk on your own, but you’re finally exclusively walking, so i’ll take it. 
you love to laugh, and love to make others laugh, too.
you are so sensitive, just like your mama. you have the saddest little frown and “sad cry” (as grandma calls it) when someone (or something in some cases) hurts your feelings.

but you are sassy. you know what you want (and what you don’t want) when you want it, which is always right now. and there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. 
you currently know how to run away when you don’t want to do something and use that to your full advantage. you also close your eyes really tight and think we can’t see you. you also shake your head fiercely when you say no.
you are incredibly impatient, another quality i so lovingly passed down to you.

you are shy, and it takes you a while to warm up to knew people and new places. but you love others so much that it literally makes me cry. 

you still aren’t a fan of anyone taking you out of mama’s arms. 

you are still undecided if you like sleep or not. some days you sleep 18 hours, some days you sleep 18 minutes, especially when you’re teething.

speaking of teeth, you have 12, and are working on 13 and 14.

you are still in 9 and (mostly) 12 month clothing, with a few 18 months here and there. minus pants. dat booty gets you in 18 month / 18-24 month pants.

you love to read (see, i told you you are mama’s girl). you have a book in your hands 90% of the day.

you put stickers over 95% of the house in about 2 minutes flat.

you love exploring and examining new places and new things.

animals are totally your thing, and you proudly yell when you see one. any one. you know your favorites: dog, kitty, horse, and bear. 

everything that is a circle is a “bubble” because you love bubbles; therefore, you love anything that looks like a bubble. you also like to say mama, dada, eyes (comes out as “ass” but we won’t hold that one against you), nose, dog, car, yes, please (peas), cheese, cup, puppy (pupa). you already knew how to sign “more", “milk", "all done", and you almost have “please” down. you’re working on "thank you" and “help”. 

you know all of the parts of your face - eyes, nose, forehead, hair, hair bow (because duh, totally a part of your body), cheeks, mouth, tongue, chin, and neck. you know where your belly and belly button are also. oh, and your feet.

you loveeeeee your almond milk. your current favorite menu includes: refried beans (toot toot), dairy free cheese, grapes (which are also bubbles), peanut butter, fruit snacks, cheerios, mama’s homemade chex mix, pears, pb & j, muffins, pancakes, fish, and usually anything i roll up in a tortilla shell. you’re allergic to strawberries (and we think some other fruit too but not sure yet), and you’re still sensitive to dairy. 

i know there is so much not said in here, and it breaks my heart that i can’t catch every single part of you and write it down to remember. every single part of you deserves to be loved, and is fully loved by Jesus, me, and your dada.

i love you lilli jo.
xoxo, mama


  1. Happy 18 months, sweet girl! And that dress! Oh my word, so sweet!

  2. Oh my goodness, PRECIOUS. These updates are the best to look back on later - they remind you of so many things that (insert crying) you will forget!! Soak it all up, Mama!!

    1. Thank you!! I think these updates are my favorite part of my blog :)

  3. Oh my goodness Brandi, she is just darling. Love that she loves beans and fish. My girls love beans, but we haven't gotten them to like fish yet!