Monday, April 3, 2017

collect moments, not things

have you ever heard that quote, “collect moments, not things.”?

only four short words, but it makes an impact, doesn’t it?

today’s generation is especially prone to “things”. many struggle with the “one-more-thing-syndrome”. 

if i just had a bigger home, i’d be happy.
if i just had the newest ____, i’d be happy.
if i just had more money, i’d be happy.
if i just had this, i’d be happy.
if i just had that, i’d be happy.

how crazy of a thought is it that we could be happy with what's right in front of us.

we just went through a crazy home buying/selling experience, and we had imagined the outcome to be 110% different than what really happened. but you know what? i'm totally okay with it. we have everything we need, and God has even gone so far as to bless us with things that we want. we don’t need anything other than what we have. 

in the spirit of collecting more moments this year versus things, i’ve written up my own bucket list of moments to collect, and what memories i’d rather spend money on - not things.


\\ renovating our home. you can read here what the end result was in our buying/selling experience with our home, but as mentioned in that post, instead of moving and uprooting our family to try and find a home that “works better” for us, we are going to stay right where we are and make what we HAVE work for us. we are incredibly excited to start renovations on our home, as well as making memories together in creating our home.

\\ family vacation. we don’t know where, when, or how we want to vacation this year, we just know we want to. kyle and i made an agreement before we had kids that we wanted to do one family vacation every year as a family, no matter how small or big, to just get away and enjoy each other. yes, it’s spending money, but it’s way more than that - it’s collecting memories of our family.

\\ date nights. date nights are hard to come by when you have kids, don’t you agree? kyle and i decided a few months ago that we needed to pull more time together as husband and wife, and not only as mom and dad. sometimes we’ll go out, sometimes we’ll just stay in. whatever we do, we do it together. 

\\ time with family and friends. the busyness of life is sometimes overwhelming, and trying to find time to do anything other than the necessities is hard. but it’s so important. we find that when we host a party, go visit family, go to dinner with another couple - whatever it is - we’re happier after than we were before. and that’s what matters. there’s also an easier way to create and plan events in our busy lives through Eventbrite's event management software. let Eventbrite help you create and manage your next party, event, or outing!

if you created a bucket list for your moments to collect, what would be on it? feel free to tell me in the comments below, or create your own bucket list and link back to me so i can read it!

xoxo, Brandi

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