Monday, March 13, 2017


the past few weeks have flown by in a whirlwind, yet have seemed to take 5 years. i’m exhausted from trying to sell this house. when we sold our last house, we had moved out within a week, and showings were much easier to accommodate to because we weren’t there.

this time, each time we have a showing, i have to pack up the baby and the dog, and go drive around for an hour until i can come back, and then turn around a couple hours later and do it again.

don’t get me wrong, i’m so grateful for all the showings we’ve had. we live in an new neighborhood that everyone is fighting at the bit to live in - well usually, more on that in a minute. but it’s just flat out exhausting constantly having to leave the house, and pray that a showing isn’t during nap time. and kyle started his new job today, so it was a whole lot harder to get everyone out of the house without his help. and trying to keep up with all of that, run both of our home businesses, and some how keep everyone fed? well, you get the point.

trying to constantly keep the house clean with a 17 month old and two animals is about as equal as trying to brush your teeth while eating oreos (ew). we are always rushing around, always telling lilli “no, don’t make a mess”, and not feeling comfortable at home so it can always be “show ready”.

and although we live in a new neighborhood, it’s taking a while to sell. most houses in our neighborhood are on the market for 2-6 days. but, because of whatever unknown reason, the couple of houses that are for sale in our neighborhood, ours included, are taking much longer to sell. i know that i have no right to complain, but 3 and a half weeks on the market seems like a whole lot longer with a baby and animals in tow. 

because of the financing we are doing with the new home, we aren’t able to legally close on the new house until we legally sell this one, so we can’t move or start renovations (it’s a fixer upper, which is a dream of ours, but that dream feels so far away right now that i can’t even think about it). and the real sucky part - since the new house is contingent on this one selling - we only have so long for this house to sell before the contract is voided, which is coming up way sooner than i like to think about. and, even worse, the sellers of the new house are allowed to accept a new offer at any time, and unless we sell the house within 72 hours of that offer, we lose the house. and all of this will be for nothing and we have to start all over.

i’ve had an incredibly tough time trusting in this season. when we first made the decision to move, it was very clear to us that this is what God wanted and that we were making the right decision. but now, as each day passes and this house sits on the market, it’s so hard not to question it, and wonderful if we made a huge mistake.

i’m not a very patient person, and i get discouraged very easily. but maybe that’s why God is having us go through this? to prove to us how almighty He is? to show us that He never fails, that He wouldn’t have put us through this journey if it wasn’t for a reason that is beyond our own comprehension? and that maybe, just maybe, we will be a bit more patient and a bit more positive at the end?

i know in the end, it’ll all work how however it’s meant to. and i’ll look back on this blog post and chuckle to myself. but right now, i need about 6 glasses of wine and 12 naps. 

xoxo, Brandi


  1. I'm so sorry that the sale hasn't happened yet but it will - that is for sure! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Everything will work out in God's timing. You just have to trust that. I am exactly like you. I'm impatient and I get discouraged very easily as well, but everything truly does always work out in the end. You'll end up exactly where you should be. Keep your chin up in the meantime, friend!