Wednesday, March 8, 2017

currently reading

If you know me at all, you know that I'm a lover of reading. I tend to go through a couple of books a month, either on my iBooks app or actual books, and I've definitely found some must reads, and some yeah-I-wouldn't-recommend it.

must reads

the magnolia story || this is going to sound so crazy. haha. but God told me to read this book. kyle gave it to me for christmas, along with a few other books. I was trying to decide which one I wanted to read first, and clear as day, I just had a feeling that I was meant to start the magnolia story.

well, a few days later, kyle lost his job, and God turned everything we knew as the present to the past, and made some major changes in our lives. He was calling us to further our small businesses, and then a few weeks later, He told us to sell our house, and set our sights on a fixer upper on a plot of land.

sound familiar?

i told you guys it was going to sound crazy. haha. this book was awesome, and i definitely recommend it to everyone. but it also was such a motivator and reassurance for me to read, and in a way, it felt like God's way of speaking to me and making our dreams seem like they could become a reality.

overall, its a 10/10!

a time to dance + a time to embrace || besides my boo nicholas sparks, karen kingsbury officially has my heart with her books. my mother in law gave these to me, and i kid you not, it took me three days to finish both books cover to cover. i loved them. i recommend them to any engaged or married couple, as they focus on marriage and the hardships this world can bring to them. trust me when i say that they'll put a whole new (wonderful) view on marriage.

overall, 10/10 for both books!

the year we turned forty || i found this book on a clearance rack, and it sounded good enough to buy but not great. but i turned out to be totally wrong. i finished this book in one day. granted, i had the day to myself (i know, that's the weirdest thing i've ever said on this blog), but i have a feeling it wouldn't have taken me much longer during my regular schedule. it was definitely a keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of story, and i would read it again.

overall, 10/10.

if you're bored reads

most of the books i read on iBooks are usually free or cheap. my book light broke a while back, so i've been reading on here at night more often than keeping the lights on to read my hardback books. most of them haven't been great, but haven't been so bad that i stopped reading them.

crazy love (linked, but free on iBooks) || like i said, i haven't read anything great on here yet, but this one wasn't bad. it wasn't written in the greatest manner, and was a really easy read. but the storyline was pretty good, and it had enough drama in it to keep me reading. it took me about two nights to finish. the only thing i really disliked is that it leaves you on a huge cliffhanger, as in you have to buy the next book (i think it's only $2.99 on iBooks, but still) to know what the heck happened. i would recommend it if you're bored, but not if you're looking for something super dynamic.

overall, 6/10.

not for me reads

i say not for me, because someone who has completely different taste than me may love/hate what i love/hate, but as always, i'm just giving my complete opinion.

the wolf of wall street || i saw this on the same clearance rack that i saw the year we turned forty, and i love to read books that turned into movies because i'm so intrigued by the back stories, and by everything they had to leave out of the movie. (unless i've read the book first, and then see the movie, like nicholas sparks.... then i just cry the whole time BECAUSE THEY FORGOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART) ...anyway.

this book was not one of those books for me. i rarely ever stop reading a book because a part of my soul just dies, but this one, i only made it maybe 2 or 3 chapters in when i put it down. it was way to vulgar and graphic for me. the amount of cuss words in this book is astronomical (and yes, i know, there's a ton in the movie. but trust me, it's worse in the book.) and they go very into detail with graphic scenes, and i'm just not okay with reading that. the story itself is very intriguing to me, but i wasn't able to get past the rest to read the story.

overall, for me, 3/10.

Bible studies

i usually do about 2 book Bible studies a month, one with kyle and one for just me. we started two new ones this month:

two as one || this book was given to us by dear friends of ours, and we love it. the Bible studies are fairly short - one page of study, one page with a couple talk questions, and then prayer. we love how blunt it is about everything. it's so direct and gets right to the point, and even though each study is short, it always leaves us with something profound at the end.

overall, 10/10.

what are your must reads, if you're bored reads, not for me reads, and Bible studies that you're currently reading?!


  1. The year we turned 40 sounds intriguing. I'll have to add that one to my Amazon wishlist!

  2. Adding the year we turned 40 to my list!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston