Thursday, February 2, 2017

little shop love | v-day edition

if you're new to my blog, i should just tell you one thing up front:
i'm a huge small shop lover and supporter.

i frequently talk about small shops here on the blog and on my instagram, + i'm going to be starting a new series on here called {little shop love}, because if you know me, you know i use the word {little} like it's my last name.

oh wait. ;)

so here's my very first {little shop love}, valentine's day edition:

i love you more sign from hand lettered hope || this sign is beautiful, so well made, + the shop owner taylor has the sweetest soul, + the best handwriting ever! you can see her instagram here, + her shop here!

teething necklace from the vintage honey shop || i've talked about the vintage honey shop sooo many times on here, + my love for them continues! they are the shop to go to if you need a cute teething necklace. you can see their instagram here, + their shop here!

bow from marty and penelope || brittany from marty and penelope + i have been in close collaboration for the past few months, and her bows are so unique, affordable, + beautiful! you can see her instagram here, + her shop here! {use code XOXO20 for a discount off your purchase!}

cozy from little stitches by brandi little || yes, this is my shop, but i had to add it in! it's my first year doing a valentine's day line, + it definitely put me in the valentine's day mood! you can see my shop instagram here, + my shop here! {use code LSBBL for a discount off your purchase!}

earrings from pearls and prim || amanda from pearls and prim has some the most gorgeous, handmade jewelry pieces i've ever seen. her druzy pieces are some of my favorite, + they add the perfect accessory to any outfit! you can see her instagram here, + her shop here. {use code BRANDIJO10 for a discount off your purchase!}

clip from tokyo blossom || i use these clips for literally everything, from bookmarks to planner clips to cook book page savers! julie from tokyo blossom has so many cute items in her shop to make your life just a bit prettier :) you can see her instagram here, and her shop here!

xoxo, Brandi

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