Tuesday, February 7, 2017

anniversary vacation

hi guys! waving hello from reality, haha!

we just got back from our {late} anniversary vacation! if you follow me on social media, then you saw that we had to postpone because lilli got the stomach flu the weekend we were supposed to leave. we were so disappointed, but it ended up being a blessing in disguise!

we just happened to end up rescheduling for the weekend of the town's winterfest, so there were a ton of events happening around the town we visited that we got to experience that we would have missed had we went on our actual anniversary.

but, enough chit chat - i have too many pictures to share!


kyle and i are huge fans of road trips, so we were actually excited to be in the car for 5 hours.

i don't have too many photos of the hotel, but i did grab one of our view. this is technically a lake, you just aren't able to see it because of the snow! it was a beautiful view, and even more beautiful when the sun was setting!

since we arrived so late, we didn't do any exploring. we ordered room service, and watched the rest of This is Us (which, by the way, is AMAZING. have you seen it?!)


saturday we had breakfast at the resort, and then we went exploring around the resort - specifically around the ski slopes and mountain top!

we unfortunately weren't able to go skiing, but we did find the perfect spot to watch. there was a competition going on, so we got to see some pretty amazing skiers and we had a blast watching them.

we also went ice skating, which was so much fun - i love to ice skate, and the rink was right in front of the tallest slope, so we got to skate while watching people ski. they had the radio on, and everyone had a drink in their hand. it was the best time!

saturday night we went to a local restaurant that is one of the most popular in the area, and that's when we stumbled upon the winterfest activities.
people from all around the country come to this town and carve a bunch of different things into a big mountain of snow. it was freezing, but it was beautiful to look at with all the lights. 

there was also an ice bar, and i'm so sad i didn't grab a picture because it was gorgeous. it was this giant igloo inspired snow globe with a bunch of lights all around it and reflecting off the ice. there were people everywhere and they had music playing. it was definitely a scene to see!

dinner was really good, and we had a lot of fun relaxing at the restaurant and enjoying dinner. my favorite drink ever is an amaretto sour, and they had one of the best ones i've ever tasted! if they weren't so expensive, i probably would have gotten more, haha!


sunday we went back to the town area to explore it in the daylight. we saw the lake at night, but it was nothing compared to how it looked during the day. it was completely frozen, and they let people walk on the lake, within the marked areas. it was one of the coolest experiences i've ever had, and we stayed on the lake for a good 30-45 minutes. i couldn't get over how beautiful it was, and kyle had to pull me away to go to lunch!

after we ate lunch, we went to look around the downtown district. we went antiquing, and saw some of the cutest (and coolest) little shops. 

sunday night, even though we were on vacation, we still watched the Super Bowl. it's one of my favorite events and weekends of the year, and we definitely weren't not watching it, haha! we ordered room service and drinks, and hung out in our room and yelled at the tv, lol! it's a good thing we were in a corner room because we were definitely upset. we aren't falcons fans, but we supremely dislike the pats. but, it was a good game and kyle and i had a blast watching it from the comfort of our king size bed and being waited on by room service, haha!

we had such a great vacation, and although it's going to be rough getting back into the normal swing of things, we are so happy to have our lilli back in our arms! it was our first chunk of time without her, and we missed her. but it was great having "us" time :) {thanks grandma and grandpa!!}

have a happy week!!

xoxo, Brandi

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