Friday, January 13, 2017

collab with CaseApp

happy friday, friends!

it's super gloomy and rainy here (like it's been raining for a week and there's rain in the forecast for another week kind of rainy). blah!

but i'm super excited to talk today about something totally not blah: my custom iPhone cases from CaseApp!

if you've never heard of CaseApp before, this is basically what it is: a website that allows you to easily design any kind of phone case that you could ever want, or pick from some of the most beautiful designs ever made.

sounds great, right?!

CaseApp very generously supplied me with two gorgeous custom iPhone cases, as you can see below:

the pink and gold one is a pre-made design that i chose on their site. i love the marble look, and the colors flow so well together!
the "fearfully and wonderfully made" is partially pre-made and partially designed by me! the watercolor flower design was pre-made on CaseApp, and then I added the verse to the case.

i told you guys you can literally make a case exactly how you are dreaming!

bonus: my cases are made with an Extra Protection layer. both of my cases are made with a silicone lining to protect my iPhone on all sides of my phone, and even my screen! it's then layered with the hard designed case for extra protection. win-win!

you can also make skins for your MacBooks, and cases are available for Samsung phones as well!

want to try it for yourself? head on over to the CaseApp website, create your own custom case or skin, and then enter code "BRANDIJO20" to save 20% on your order!

which design is your favorite, or how would you customize your own case or skin? let me know in the comments below!


  1. Ohh, I love them both!! I really like yours though. The fearfully and wonderfully made is perfect. Happy Friday!!

    1. Thank you! I love that one too! Happy Friday!!

  2. That extra protection layer is a LIFE SAVER!