Wednesday, January 18, 2017

peach leaves boutique

hey friends! i hope your week is off to a great start, + that you got an extra long weekend with your loved ones!

i’m here today to talk about another wonderful small shop: peach leaves boutique!

the owner, savannah, has the sweetest soul. she is so genuine and kind, + is incredible talented at making jewelry! knowing how much i love my oils, she offered to send me one of her diffuser bracelets for review, + it’s literally one of my favorite jewelry pieces ever. i wear it close to everyday (which is really saying something because i’m horrible at remembering to put jewelry on, haha!)!!

PLB diffuser bracelet // name bracelet
these are just a few reasons i love my diffuser bracelet:

it’s the perfect size. i can’t stand wearing anything that doesn’t fit me just right, jewelry included. savannah’s size chart (listed on all of her items) makes it so easy to make sure you get the right fit!

the aroma last i am so not kidding. i put some lavender on my bracelet one morning around 10. at 6:30 pm we had friends over, + when i leaned in to give her a hug, she literally grabbed my arm + said “what is that lovely smell?!” so i of course had to rave about my new diffuser bracelet. ;)

it’s handmade. handmade is always better, + every time i put on my bracelet, i know it came straight from the hands of savannah, which makes it even more special!

she has a few different varieties! + they are all beautiful. i can’t wait to get a couple more to wear everyday!

you can check out Peach Leaves Boutique here, + her Instagram here

which piece of jewelry from peach leaves boutique is your favorite?!

xoxo, Brandi

{i collaborated with Peach Leaves Boutique for this post; however, like always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!}

Friday, January 13, 2017

collab with CaseApp

happy friday, friends!

it's super gloomy and rainy here (like it's been raining for a week and there's rain in the forecast for another week kind of rainy). blah!

but i'm super excited to talk today about something totally not blah: my custom iPhone cases from CaseApp!

if you've never heard of CaseApp before, this is basically what it is: a website that allows you to easily design any kind of phone case that you could ever want, or pick from some of the most beautiful designs ever made.

sounds great, right?!

CaseApp very generously supplied me with two gorgeous custom iPhone cases, as you can see below:

the pink and gold one is a pre-made design that i chose on their site. i love the marble look, and the colors flow so well together!
the "fearfully and wonderfully made" is partially pre-made and partially designed by me! the watercolor flower design was pre-made on CaseApp, and then I added the verse to the case.

i told you guys you can literally make a case exactly how you are dreaming!

bonus: my cases are made with an Extra Protection layer. both of my cases are made with a silicone lining to protect my iPhone on all sides of my phone, and even my screen! it's then layered with the hard designed case for extra protection. win-win!

you can also make skins for your MacBooks, and cases are available for Samsung phones as well!

want to try it for yourself? head on over to the CaseApp website, create your own custom case or skin, and then enter code "BRANDIJO20" to save 20% on your order!

which design is your favorite, or how would you customize your own case or skin? let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Brandi

Thursday, January 12, 2017

the day my husband lost his job

i wish i could tell you that i knew this was coming, that i had some sort of intuition, or some kind of feeling.

but honestly, i had no clue. we had no clue.

it started off as any normal friday. kyle left for work, and our day went about as normal. we even met him there for lunch. nothing out of the ordinary.

then i got a call from kyle around 4 pm. i was immediately worried, because he never calls me from work unless something is wrong. the only times he has ever called me is when he was in a car accident, when someone cashed a check twice (somehow, i have no idea) and drained our account, and small things here and there that have randomly come up that required a phone call versus a text.

that is when i had the feeling: the feeling that something had happened, but i didn't know what yet.

i answered, and he told me that he was on his way home.

i asked, "oh no, are you sick?"

he simply replied, "uh, no. i actually got fired, so i'm coming home."

wait, what?

i also wish i could tell you that i had all the magic words to make him feel better, that God spoke through me to him, and that he immediately felt better.

but all i could muster in that moment was, "i'm sorry. i'm so sorry. i'm so, so sorry."

when he arrived home, i knew that no words could help him, so i just held him. i held him until the baby woke up, and things were very... quiet. we didn't know what to say, what to think, what to do.

so we literally just sat there in silence, except the random squawking coming from lilli here and there.

it wasn't until that night that we actually talked. we talked about what had happened, what we were going to do, how we were going to get health insurance, how, what, why, when. it was in that moment that God laid a calming hand on me, and said "it's going to be okay. this was no surprise to Me."

and that's exactly what i told kyle. so we stopped talking, and instead we prayed. we prayed for everything on our heart, for us, for our family, for our future. we prayed until we felt like there was nothing else to say.

and then we went to bed.

i left the next morning to have coffee with a friend, and Jesus spoke through her directly to my heart. i left that coffee date with a newfound joy: instead of being worried about the future, i was excited! there was so much possibility. so much we could do! we could actually make our dreams come true, instead of living a 9-5, paying bills, and then going to sleep.

it was put on our hearts that day that we were meant to grow our small businesses that have been apart of our lives for the last couple of years. we were meant to take them further, not for ourselves, but for His Glory. He has something big planned for us, and this was a part of that story.

we know it's going to be hard work. we know our lifestyle will not be considered normal. we know that it will require sacrifices and tough times. we know we will have hard times that will make us ask "what are we doing?!"

but we are certainly in no place to tell Him no.

we have no idea what is in store for us, but we are choosing not to worry (at least trying our hardest), and instead, choosing to be joyful. there is joy in the journey, and that joy is HIM!

if you find yourselves to be in a situation that makes you ask "what is going on? what are we going to do? why did this happen?", the only piece of advice i can give you is to pray. pray until you can't think of anything else to pray for.

He is faithful, my friends. He is there. He will guide you, help you, love you, hold you, comfort you, uphold you with His righteous right hand {Isaiah 41:10}.

all you have to do is trust Him.


our shops: Little Stitches by Brandi Little // Little Lumber Co.


xoxo, Brandi

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

life lately

so, hi!

i literally haven’t blogged since last year (haha) but i seriously just ran out of time.

the last few weeks have been insane for us. 

we all got sick the week of christmas (which isn’t busy enough, apparently) with a horrible cold, then got hit twice with a stomach bug, and then my cold turned into a minor case of laryngitis, and then i had a pancreatitis flare up that left me bed-bound for 3 days straight.

then we had to cancel our anniversary vacation, and then again had to cancel a vacation to my parent’s. 

and all the while lilli cut two molars.

we were all riding on little sleep, lots of frustration/disappointment, and lots of prayers.

and then (that’s my new phrase for the year), last weekend we were hit (like a brick wall kind of hit) with some life changing stuff. can’t talk about it yet (nope, not preggo), but it literally turned our world upside down.

we took this past weekend to sit down and pray. we prayed with each other, for each other, and just for our life. we had no idea what to think or what to do, and God so graciously reminded us that we don’t have to know what to think or what to do because He's already done that for us

He laid some crazy big things on our hearts during our weekend, and we are so incredibly excited. we are nervous, but we are so ready to take on this “new life” He has prepared for us. we know that no trial we go through is without His grace, mercy, and love. we have simply decided to stop worrying about it, and to let Him have it all.

there’s no better way, am i right?

i hope your 2017 has been way less eventful (in a good way!) than ours has been!

talk to you much sooner than the last time! ;)

xoxo, Brandi