Wednesday, December 14, 2016

fourteen months

fourteen months of pure joy. fourteen months of trial. of worry. of beauty. of sacrifice. of abounding love.

you are changing every single day it seems. you learn things SO quickly, and pick up on so much so fast. it blows my mind every day.

you are sassy. and sensitive. and loving. and particular.

you love other kids, and in sunday school, you go find toys to give the itty bitty babies.
you are always willing to share. even your food. which, right now, is your number one priority in life. you want to eat 24/7, and it seems like you are never full. you are still pretty picky, but you LOVE what you love. your favs are cheese, bread, cheezits, bananas, blueberries, peas, ground turkey, rice, certain kinds of chicken, popcorn, larabars, peanut butter, and anything in those squeeze packets. you’ll eat anything out of those things. 

mama is still your favorite person on earth, and very little can separate you from her. food is one of these things. you can smell me from a mile away, and you are not happy until you find me and are in my arms. you are on my hip 95% of the time.

you started “one year old” with six teeth, you now have eight, and you are currently working on three back teeth/molars. #helpme

you all of a sudden loathe diaper changes and being in your car seat. you don’t like being told no, and it takes you getting a stern “no” before understanding it’s not okay. but, the things you love far outweigh the things you don’t. like, cats. and buttons you can push. and miss bunny. and stickers. and playing peek-a-boo. and books. and giving hugs. and baths. and music. and all the little things in your day that make you smile and very quickly fall in love. and way too many things to list. 

speaking of music, you LOVE to dance. you just cannot contain that rhythm in your soul. you stop what your doing the moment a song comes that you like and you bust a move. it’s the cutest thing ever.

you have such a kind soul. you look when someone is crying, and crawl over to make sure everything is okay. you share whatever you have, even if its your favorite toy/food of the day. you are such a sweet little girl, and i love that i get to watch you grow. 

you crawl, sit to stand while holding on to something, climb stairs, and walk when someone is holding your hands. your physical therapist said you’ll be walking by christmas. we’ll see!!

you love to clap when you hear other people clapping. you think it’s hilarious. you just love to mimic people in general. you also find that hilarious, too.

you say mama, dada, yes, kitty, yum, cheese (told you you love cheese), woof woof, uh oh (oh oh). you sign more, all done, milk, and food.

you grow more and more every day. you are so strong yet so loving. and i love you so much that it hurts, lilli jo.

love, mama


  1. I'm not sure why this moved me to tears, but it did. They do grow up so fast. And I've already forgotten so much. This is the best idea. Perfect actually. Btw, she sounds amazing. They are, aren't they? Happy 14 months!

    1. aww, that is so sweet of you!! she is absolutely amazing <3

  2. My girls don't like diaper changes much either. And can I just say how darling she looks in that photo?