Monday, November 21, 2016

thanksgiving menu

thanksgiving is this week!!! 

did you know? ;)

i love thanksgiving, and i love love love hosting the holidays. last year was different since it was our first with lilli, but this year, she's going to have a blast, aka eat all the food in sight.

it’s so hard planning a menu for thanksgiving, and trying to figure out when to cook what. so i’m giving you my thanksgiving menu and timeline, to help you along if you need it!

breakfast: Pumpkin Pie Cinnamon Rolls. these look absolutely delicious, and i can't wait to try them! it's the perfect thanksgiving breakfast. 

appetizers and snacks: Turkey Tray. I saw this last year, but didn't have time to put it together. i'm determined to do it this year because it's so darn cute! Cookies. i'm not exactly sure yet which ones i'm going to make. probably nothing too intricate since it's just a snack to grab throughout the day. maybe salted caramel? something caramel i think goes good with thanksgiving. any ideas?! Veggie Tray. i always buy a veggie tray from walmart or meijer to have something to grab, but not hard to put together. i might make it on my own this year, but we will see!

dinner: Smoked Turkey. my awesome hubby smokes the turkey on the grill every year so it's one less thing taking up the oven. it's so much easier! Southern Style Biscuits. i found this recipe a few months ago, and knew i was going to make it for thanksgiving this year. they look so good. i'll probably buy a can of crescent rolls in case my first try doesn't go very well ;) probably should have made them at least one time before. oh well!  Candied Yams. my family and i looove yams. always on the menu for every holiday. Mashed Potatoes. i'm making these in the crock pot because again, any free space in the oven is good space. Broccoli Casserole. ah, the famous family recipe. it's my mom's "thing", that she makes for every holiday. it's always been my favorite side ever, and i could eat the whole bowl! makes my mouth water just thinking about it! A vegetable. gotta have a vegetable of some sort. we usually do green beans or corn.

dessert: Apple Pie. i usually make dutch apple pie, but i'm trying a new recipe this year. it must be the year for new recipes. at my apples of gold bible study, a wonderful lady shared a delicious apple pie with us that was so easy to make, and i definitely want to make it this year for dessert! Pumpkin Pie. with so many new recipes this year, i think I'm going to skip the from-scratch pumpkin pie and stick with our favorite from the store. 

what is your favorite recipe to devour on thanksgiving?!


  1. I am seriously impressed! I'm usually responsible for maybe one dish and that's ordeal! Apple Pie sounds amazing! Have fun and hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

    1. Thank you!! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! :)

  2. This is all making my mouth water. I just had a boring salad for lunch, so now I'm hungry again! Haha.

  3. Wow your menu sounds heavenly. I love pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls. Yum. We are having pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but apple for Christmas. Have a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to try them. Happy Thanksgiving! :)