Wednesday, November 16, 2016

marty + penelope

guys. i’m in love.

okay, i’m in love with a lot of small shops. but this one has definitely made it to one of my tops favs.

bow // onesie // moccs
there are so many bow shops out there. so many. but i’m very lucky to have gotten to know some very unique ones, including marty + penelope.

her bows are perfection. they aren’t like any other bow show i have ever come across. they all have their own special touch.

i won a giveaway from her shop’s instagram not that long ago, and not only did i love the bow she sent me, but i also loved the three other ones she sent me for free, too! not very many people are willing to give so much, which is just one of the reasons why i love marty + penelope.

i have recently been chosen to be a brand rep for her shop, and i am ecstatic. keep on eye on my instagram for more photos of the cutest bows from marty + penelope!

you can view marty + penelope’s shop here! use code {xoxo20} for a special discount off your purchase!