Monday, November 28, 2016

let's talk about date night

as a mama, date night is kind of a foreign word. they are few are far in between, so when we do get a date night, we definitely take advantage of it and make it as special as we can.

i was recently introduced to Turo, a neat car renting service and i was challenged to give you some new ideas on how to make date night one to remember! the next time you get one, that is ;)

one. flowers. okay, it’s an oldie but it’s a goodie. flowers are one of the best ways to start a date night, and let’s your lady know you were thinking about date night during the day.

two. table topics. my hubby and i love to do these while we are sitting at the dinner table and need to talk about something other than how our baby napped that day. it’s a super fun way to connect, and you might even found out something you never knew before!

three. rent a car! how cool would it be to take a fancy car out on date night, and step into another life for one night? it’s also the perfect time of year to take that car out and go find the most beautifully decorated house for christmas in your town!

four. do something new. dinner and a movie is cool, but it’s nice to do something new every once and a while. go see a ballet performance, go watch a concert, go to a wine and canvas. do something different, and spice it up a bit!

five. go to a bed and breakfast. now, this one requires an overnight babysitter for the kids, but, just imagine waking up (at whatever time you want!!) in a beautiful bed and breakfast, next to your love, with breakfast waiting for you. it sounds like a dream to me.

what are your favorite ways to amplify date night? 


  1. I love the idea of table topics - always fun to talk about different things!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Thank you Biana! We always have a great time doing them!

  2. Renting a car sounds like an amazing idea! And would be something totally new and different! Great list!