Wednesday, October 5, 2016

how I healed my diastasis recti

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Have you ever heard of the term "diastasis recti"? I had absolutely no idea what DR (diastasis recti) was when I was pregnant. Nor did I know what it was after I gave birth. Yes, my stomach was severely weak after birth, but I thought that was normal.

So, what is Diastasis Recti? Diastasis Recti is the official term of abdominal separation. It happens when their is stress on the abdominal muscles, such as pregnancy. It can cause a "bulge" in your stomach, creating a larger appearance of the stomach.

Around 2-3 months postpartum, I was starting to get…upset? with my belly. The rest of my body was heading back to its old form while my stomach was a simple #nope.

I started reading about fixing a "postpartum baby belly" and came across a video about DR. I thought, well, my belly sounds like that, maybe that’s what’s wrong.

So I watched the video and did the “test” to see if my abs have separated, and sure enough, I had a four finger gap between my abs.

four. finger. gap.

I immediately started researching on how to heal DR and that's when I came across the PurelyTwins page, which had many posts and information dedicated to DR. This post is the main one I did to heal my DR and you can find many safe workouts for DR sufferers on their fitness page. Just make sure to only do the ones that specifically say they are DR safe.*

*side note: you cannot do regular ab workouts with DR. Not only will it hurt and be very hard to do due to the DR, but it will not allow it to heal and can even make it worse. I highly recommend doing workouts specifically dedicated to being safe for DR, such as the ones mentioned above.

Extra tips:

Watch your posture. The better your posture = the quicker your DR will heal. This includes how you carry your baby. Try not to carry on your hip, rather, stand with good posture and hold the baby on your front or in a baby carrier.

Try a postpartum belly supporter. While a belly band will not cure your DR, it can help your ab muscles move closer together, helping them heal.

It's unfortunately a slow process. Depending on the width of your gap, it can take a few weeks to a few months. But I promise that you will notice a difference little by little...until one day, you're not sucking your belly in. :)

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  1. I'm pretty sure that I had a mild version of this after I had Olivia. I can still feel a little bit of a gap to this day, and although my midwife said it's nothing to worry about, it also seems like crunches and all that aren't working to get my tummy back completely flat. I'm going to check out those exercises and see if they help!

    1. Lindsay - definitely!! Crunches and other "regular" ab workouts, I found out, make the gap worse / fail to heal it. The gap is more annoying than anything!!