Wednesday, October 26, 2016

fall bucket list

i love fall. i really, really love it. and everything that comes with it.

here's are things to accomplish before the day after thanksgiving (because christmas doesn't start until black friday in this house ;))

fall bucket list

- go to a pumpkin patch
- go to an apple orchard
- dress up for halloween
- have a halloween party
- decorate a pumpkin
- watch a halloween movie
- bake a new fall recipe 
- go on a nature walk
- decorate for fall
- add something new to the shop for fall
- go to a fall fest
- try a new fall drink

I think we are making good progress so far!

what's on your fall bucket list?

xoxo, Brandi


  1. Y'all have made a ton of progress on yours! We are doing a few things this weekend to knock ours out as well!