Friday, August 26, 2016

e l e v e n m o n t h s

Oh, my heart. How is my baby girl going to be one in just one short month?!

Someone please figure out something to slow time down. i'm begging you.

headband // bloomers
the numbers // still healthy as a horse, but still a little grower. She's been in the same clothes since around 6-7 months, with the exception of some bigger things added in here and there. So she's probably hovering around the 17 pound mark, since last month she was 16 pounds 11 ounces.

wears // she's still in 6, 6-9, & 9 month clothes, as well as size 3 diapers.

teeth // don't even get me started on teething. haha! she currently has 5 teeth, three of which she cut last week, and we have two more (eye teeth) coming in. Our pediatrician also just happened to mention at our last appointment that her molars are prepping.

you might as well just send boxes of wine now. ;)

big things this month // let's see.. she started clapping, and claps when you say "Yay Lilli!". She has almost perfected "more" in sign language, and she got "milk" down this month. She's able to do "all done" with one hand, but we are still working on that other one joining the club. She may not be crawling, but she stood all by herself for about 4 seconds this month, too! She wasn't leaning on anything or anyone. Just stood there until she realized she was being a big girl and plopped right back down. We finally got her to take a sippy cup this month! We bought an entire store trying to find one she would take, and even though she's still leery of it, she still got water out of it so I call it a win.

words // she can currently say "mama", "mom", "dada", "hi", and "bye bye" (which she loves to scream at people in the store:) )

the details // Lilli's personality has gotten even bigger this month, if you can believe that. She is bold, and she is the silliest girl. She loves to do things over and over and over and over again that make her laugh. She has also found a pleasure in "giving" people things, especially her food. But usually, she'll put it in your hand/mouth, and then snatch it right back and giggle ferociously. This month she has also learned that if she drops a piece of food on the floor, the dog comes running. So she is a fan of dropping food on the floor, and again laugh ferociously when the dog runs up to her. It's hilarious until she drops something the dog can't have and we have to drop to the floor to grab the food. She loves to mimic whatever we are doing, especially sounds that we are making. Lilli loves music, just like her mama and dada. We always have to have music playing in the car, and when she's not in the car seat, if a song comes on that she loves, she'll dance, which is freaking adorable to watch. If she's sitting, she jumps on her butt and giggles. If she's standing or someone is holding her, she jiggles her little legs around and giggles. I need to hurry and record it next time because it just melts my heart! She loves to make other people laugh and giggle, especially at her. We seriously cannot go anywhere without at least 2 people coming up to us with their awww! speech. She's a ham, I tell ya.

sleep // I'm not going to write much here, because I have an entire post dedicated to it. We just finished our week with our sleep therapist and she's amazing and deserves 10 blog posts. Stay tuned!

food // this month's favs are: blueberries, bananas, mama's toast with peanut butter and bananas, puree packets that she won't stop sucking on until she's 110% sure there's no more food in it, berry fig newtons, cubed cheese, ground turkey, and muffins, especially mama's apple muffins. There's not much food she won't eat, thankfully, but boy does this girl love to eat. She will eat at any time of the day whenever food is available. Other than solids, she's still breastfed.

Lilli girl, it still doesn't seem real that I'm in full blown planning mode for your first birthday, and that it's literally right around the corner. Who told you you were allowed to grow up so fast?

I love you sweet girl. Love, mama.