Tuesday, August 30, 2016

our experience with a sleep therapist

Lilli has kind of always been a… “bad” sleeper, for lack of better word. It started when she was around 2 months old and her acid reflux kicked in really hard. She couldn’t sleep on her back or stomach, which lead to her sleeping in a carrier or on my chest…until she was around 4-5 months old. We struggled to get even one nap in, and at night she was up so often that I was convinced “tired” was just part of my personality.

It got better once she started solids and wasn’t considered “colicky” anymore (around 7-8 months. Yes, I'm serious.)  Her acid reflux was better due to the solids, so she was only waking up once or twice a night. But naps were still a huge issue. We just could not get on a schedule, and naps usually consisted of both of us crying. We were lucky to get in one 30 minute nap a day, and we were both exhausted. I felt like I had tried everything, and even considered that I may be a bad mom because my child wouldn’t nap. I was at the end of the line.

Then I heard about Pam from Wee Bee Dreaming. I had a couple friends that recommended us to her, but I wasn’t sure anyone could help us at this point. But after talking it through with some friends that told me their child was “brand new” after Pam, Kyle and I decided to give it a try.

And I’m so glad we did.

Pam is absolutely amazing. She is there by your side, whether that be by email or Skype (she has many different sleep plan options), the whole time, and basically gives you a play by play each day. She writes up a sleep plan specifically catered to you and your child, and then gives you SO many tips on how to improve sleep and make it more productive. She even got rid of the pacifier during sleep times, which is say a lot for our paci loving babe. 

She doesn't make you do anything you don't feel comfortable with, such a cry it out. She makes the plan for you and your baby.

It was really hard at first, I will admit. Lilli wasn’t a fan of this whole new “sleep” thing, and it was still difficult to get her on a schedule. You have to be very, very dedicated. But after a few days Lilli started to learn that more sleep = happier baby AND mama. She was sleeping 11-12 hours a night, and taking two 1.5 hour naps a day. We are on a pretty consistent schedule, and I have learned so so many things to help Lilli sleep, and what to do if she wakes up early, refuses a nap, etc. instead of just freaking out that the whole day is ruined, haha! And it only took a week.

I highly, highly, highly recommend Pam. She has quite literally changed our lives, and has been a bigger help than she probably knows. Trust me when I say that it 110% worth the price.

You can check out her website here, and view her sleep plans here.

If you have any questions about our experience, please don’t hesitate to contact me! I know how hard it is when you have a non-sleeping baby, and I’m here for you (and so is Pam :) )!

xoxo, Brandi

Friday, August 26, 2016

e l e v e n m o n t h s

Oh, my heart. How is my baby girl going to be one in just one short month?!

Someone please figure out something to slow time down. i'm begging you.

headband // bloomers
the numbers // still healthy as a horse, but still a little grower. She's been in the same clothes since around 6-7 months, with the exception of some bigger things added in here and there. So she's probably hovering around the 17 pound mark, since last month she was 16 pounds 11 ounces.

wears // she's still in 6, 6-9, & 9 month clothes, as well as size 3 diapers.

teeth // don't even get me started on teething. haha! she currently has 5 teeth, three of which she cut last week, and we have two more (eye teeth) coming in. Our pediatrician also just happened to mention at our last appointment that her molars are prepping.

you might as well just send boxes of wine now. ;)

big things this month // let's see.. she started clapping, and claps when you say "Yay Lilli!". She has almost perfected "more" in sign language, and she got "milk" down this month. She's able to do "all done" with one hand, but we are still working on that other one joining the club. She may not be crawling, but she stood all by herself for about 4 seconds this month, too! She wasn't leaning on anything or anyone. Just stood there until she realized she was being a big girl and plopped right back down. We finally got her to take a sippy cup this month! We bought an entire store trying to find one she would take, and even though she's still leery of it, she still got water out of it so I call it a win.

words // she can currently say "mama", "mom", "dada", "hi", and "bye bye" (which she loves to scream at people in the store:) )

the details // Lilli's personality has gotten even bigger this month, if you can believe that. She is bold, and she is the silliest girl. She loves to do things over and over and over and over again that make her laugh. She has also found a pleasure in "giving" people things, especially her food. But usually, she'll put it in your hand/mouth, and then snatch it right back and giggle ferociously. This month she has also learned that if she drops a piece of food on the floor, the dog comes running. So she is a fan of dropping food on the floor, and again laugh ferociously when the dog runs up to her. It's hilarious until she drops something the dog can't have and we have to drop to the floor to grab the food. She loves to mimic whatever we are doing, especially sounds that we are making. Lilli loves music, just like her mama and dada. We always have to have music playing in the car, and when she's not in the car seat, if a song comes on that she loves, she'll dance, which is freaking adorable to watch. If she's sitting, she jumps on her butt and giggles. If she's standing or someone is holding her, she jiggles her little legs around and giggles. I need to hurry and record it next time because it just melts my heart! She loves to make other people laugh and giggle, especially at her. We seriously cannot go anywhere without at least 2 people coming up to us with their awww! speech. She's a ham, I tell ya.

sleep // I'm not going to write much here, because I have an entire post dedicated to it. We just finished our week with our sleep therapist and she's amazing and deserves 10 blog posts. Stay tuned!

food // this month's favs are: blueberries, bananas, mama's toast with peanut butter and bananas, puree packets that she won't stop sucking on until she's 110% sure there's no more food in it, berry fig newtons, cubed cheese, ground turkey, and muffins, especially mama's apple muffins. There's not much food she won't eat, thankfully, but boy does this girl love to eat. She will eat at any time of the day whenever food is available. Other than solids, she's still breastfed.

Lilli girl, it still doesn't seem real that I'm in full blown planning mode for your first birthday, and that it's literally right around the corner. Who told you you were allowed to grow up so fast?

I love you sweet girl. Love, mama.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

lularoe leggings

Hi loves! I hope your week is going well. Mine is already better than last week, thank goodness!

Stopping by today to tell you about LuLaRoe! I'm sure you've seen it on some social media site lately. It's huge right now!

headband // shirt // necklace
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My friend Ashley over on Instagram was kind enough to send me a pair of LuLaRoe leggings for review, and I'm so glad she did!

LuLaRoe is known for their buttery soft leggings... And they are speaking so much truth when they call them buttery soft. I literally feel like I spread butter on my legs when I put these leggings on. Too graphic?

They are one of the most comfortable leggings I have ever worn. I definitely look forward to purchasing more!

I'm not a huge "print" person, so I went with black. I definitely foresee myself wearing them all throughout fall and winter.

Another huge plus - they aren't see through. I don't know about you, but I have a huge problem finding leggings that aren't see through in my bum area. I was so so happy to see that there were absolutely no see through areas!

Their sizing chart is a bit small, which is both a good and bad thing. I'm too indecisive for a huge list, but it may be hard to decide if you are in between sizes, or have a mix of body types. I went with the "one size" leggings, and they fit very well. They were a bit snug in my belly, but I've only worn them once. I'm sure they will stretch to fit my body better with wear!

I didn't know this at first, but LuLaRoe also sells other clothing items, like shirts and dresses. They have beautiful patterns, and they are so modest and comfortable looking. Sign me up please. #handsintheairemoji

Here are the lovely ladies that were so amazing and sent me these leggings!

Madisen, Hannah, Julie, Ashley
You can view their Facebook group here.

Thanks again to Ashley!!

xoxo, Brandi

Friday, August 19, 2016

one on friday.

I don't have five on friday today because, simply put, this week was awful.

Monday morning rolled around, and I just didn't feel right. I wasn't hungry, my stomach was achy, and I was so tired. I chopped it up to a bad night of sleep and a fussy baby.

Then Monday afternoon rolled around, and without going into too much detail, I couldn't keep anything down.

Tuesday morning, I started running a fever and the no-food-staying-down continued all day. Kyle wasn't able to take the day off due to stuff at work, so I was taking care of a baby (who was also catching the stomach bug) while trying to survive myself. Dramatic, I know. But if you've ever had the stomach flu, it's just plain awful.

Wednesday morning rolled around and it still wasn't gone. Kyle said he was going to take a half day, and come home and take the baby so I could rest.


I had one of the most terrifying moments of my life that morning. Kyle left, and Lilli and I went to her playroom. Kyle had only been gone about 15 minutes when my phone rang, when I got the news the Kyle had been in a head on collision.

You know that feeling when your heart stops, your whole world goes in double slow motion, and you just can't breathe? That was how I felt.

I had no idea if Kyle was okay, what had happened, or what was going on. I called my mother in law and my mom, stuff a half naked baby into the car, and drove to the accident site.

It wasn't that far away from our house, just down the street. There's an intersection that is just horrible. It's a two way stop on a four way street, and there's accidents there all the time. It always makes me nervous to drive through it, and now even more so.

When I got there, I noticed that Kyle was by our vehicle. You could tell that he had been hit hard. The car was smashed to bits. The air bags had deployed. The windshield was smashed. The doors were off balance. Kyle was having trouble breathing, and he was having chest pain.

It was one of the worst moments of my life.

I was so scared for Kyle, so thankful that he was alive and okay. So thankful that Lilli hadn't been in the car. So worried that our car was totaled. And oh so nauseous.

Kyle, thank God, checked out fine in the hospital. He had some pretty bad whiplash, some bruises and some cuts. His head hurt and he was tired. He's not able to walk much, and not able to lift anything.

The doctors told us we were lucky Kyle wasn't injured more than he was. The car that hit him was going 50 mph. He was so lucky.

God had His hand on Kyle that morning. I'm still thanking and crying out to Him, thank You. Kyle is more than just my husband, he is my best friend, my other half. I am so thankful that he is okay, and that he is safe.

Thank you to everyone on social media that reached out to us and gave us kind words and prayers. We are so thankful for every one of them.


xoxo, Brandi

Monday, August 15, 2016

the weekend // lake style

Do you ever have those weekends were it's just so peaceful and perfect?

That's how this weekend was for us. It was so heavenly and I just wanted it to last forever!

We headed to Kyle's family's lake house and spent the weekend swimming, eating good food, watching boats, and going on golf cart rides. It was so relaxing which is just what we needed. We have been SO busy lately - between house projects, my shop hitting its busy season, constant appointments, and Kyle's work schedule - we just needed a break.

And we most definitely got one.

lake photo dump

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bow // suit
my suit

Back to reality!

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xoxo, Brandi

Thursday, August 11, 2016

the vintage honey shop

I. Am. So. Excited.

Want to know why?

I'm officially a brand rep for @thevintagehoneyshop

The Vintage Honey Shop is hands down one of my favorite shops in the history of shops, and I couldn't be happier to be representing them!

and as if I needed another reason to buy more honey's. #hearteyes

I've collaborated with the VHS twice, one for a review on their necklaces on my blog, which you can read here, and once as a blog contributor for their blog, which you can see here!

I'm so excited to start on this journey with The Vintage Honey Shop!

You can see my Instagram here, where my photos will be posted. You can also see the discount that I offer for the VHS each time a post a photo for them. ;)

You can visit The Vintage Honey Shop's Facebook here, their Instagram here, their Twitter here, and their shop here.

Happy shopping!!

xoxo, Brandi

Monday, August 8, 2016

the weekend

Happy Monday, friends!

How was your weekend?!

We had a wonderful weekend; Monday came too quick! But then again, doesn't it always?

Friday Lilli and I headed out of town to meet a friend + her little babes for lunch. We live two hours away from each other, so we met halfway. We were actually able to sit for two hours and talk before the kids started to get fussy. It was amazing. We are going to try and make it a bi-weekly thing so we are able to see each other more often!

Saturday my parents came down to spend the day with us! We went to the zoo, where Lilli went on her first carousel ride. She loved it so much that we went on it twice! I wish I could have captured the joy in her face while she was riding. It was also a very special moment because I have a photo of me on a carousel for the first time with my mom, and it was so sweet to have all three of us on the carousel ride for Lilli's first time, too. :) It's something I'll never forget!

Lilli's bow
my necklace
Also - Lilli's other favorite part of the zoo - the aquarium. I post on Instagram that I think Lilli was born to be a mermaid with how much she loves all things water. We sat and watch the fish for a good 15-20 minutes and Lilli was just mesmerized.

Sunday was bit out of our norm. Lilli has been having a super hard time with sleep lately (but we start with our sleep therapist today, yay!) so she was super tired all Sunday morning, so we just lounged around the house until we went our for errands later that day. It was a pretty relaxing Sunday, which is okay with me.

my necklace // Lilli's headband
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I also started my brand rep search for my shop on Sunday! You can read the details here, but basically, I'm looking for some individuals on Instagram that want to support me and my small business by becoming a "brand rep" for me! As a brand rep, you would be required to make one purchase a month with a hefty discount, and you would also receive one free item a month. All I ask in return is a weekly picture promoting you item(s) and representing my shop! The term lasts until the end of the year, and all ages are welcome to enter! If you would like to enter, click here.

Have a wonderful Monday!

xoxo, Brandi

Friday, August 5, 2016

five on friday

Hi all! Happy Friday + happy weekend!

Today's post is going to be a little short - we have a super busy day + weekend I need to prepare for!!

o n e // Hubs and I got to sit down after we put Lilli to bed and finally enjoy our deck! Talk about a view! I'm a little obsessed with it. We are still (sttiilllllll) finishing up our patio, but I can live with it because of the deck. :)

t w o // I got my new custom logo this week for my shop!! I'm in love with it! Nicole from Lavender Dreams Studio is absolutely amazing, and she's so great to work with! I highly recommend her.

t h r e e // Sunday is the last day to save 15% on my "Eat Local" cozy in the shop in honor of World Breastfeeding Week! Use code "breastfeedingweek" at checkout!

f o u r // Speaking of World Breastfeeding Week, did you see my breastfeeding story post this week? You can read it here!

f i v e // So, the big thing this week - Instagram stories. What do you think?! Love it? Hate it? I'm leaning more towards the "hate it" end of the spectrum. Don't get me wrong, I love connecting with all my lovely social media friends. But 1) I love my snapchat. 2) I already have so much social media to check - between my blog, my Facebook, my shop's Facebook page, my exclusive shop Facebook group, my Instagram, my shop's Instagram, my Twitter, my Etsy shop page, AND my Snapchat (@brandi.little) - all while keep a child alive all day, I just don't have time to check anymore social media, especially all 800 people I follow on IG. Let me know what you think of it!!

This week's word:

Have a wonderful weekend!!

xoxo, Brandi
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Thursday, August 4, 2016

gold fawn boutique

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! We are almost to the weekend. Hold on!!

Just stopping in for a second to tell you about one of the newest shop's I'm repping for on social media: Gold Fawn Boutique!

 Let me start off by saying that I love being a brand rep for small businesses. As a small business owner, it is most definitely a passion in life to support small businesses. If I can #shopsmall, then I do! 

Okay - on to the good stuff!

I bought my very first item from GFB before Lilli was born. I bought a little gold lace crown to be used in her newborn photos, and I've been in love with this shop ever since!

Gold Fawn Boutique owner Tonya is so sweet, and she is not only crafty in the things she makes for the shop, but is also so fashionable when she sells clothes in her shop, too. She is also a photographer, so her shop is only open certain times of the month - but it's totally worth the wait. She also has VIP flash sales on her VIP Facebook group, which is linked at the end of this post.

I have a number of things that I've gotten from her in the past couple weeks, and I'm stoked to buy more from her!

This dress by the way - GET IT. It's the most comfortable dress I've ever worn, #mombod appropriate, and is so cute!! I post a picture of me wearing it yesterday on my Instagram if you want to see what it looks like on!

You can check out GFB's shop here, Instagram here, Facebook here, and her Facebook VIP group here.

Shop small, my friends!

xoxo, Brandi

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

my breastfeeding story.

This story has been a long time coming. Bear with me, as it is a long one.

headband // breastfeeding t-shirt 
Our breastfeeding journey didn’t get off to a great start, as our first issue started when Lilli was born. It was a beautiful moment when she was placed on my chest. I just assumed that she would be placed on me, and would latch without a problem…until she didn’t.

Since she was born so late at night, there weren’t any lactation consultants in the hospital. The nurse tried to help her latch with no avail, so they told us that we needed to give her some formula until the lactation consultant came in the next day, and that I should just pump every time she was fed formula to start my supply.

So I did. The next day the lactation consultant came in and although she was very nice, she was no help. She said since Lilli was born so early and was so little, she didn’t have the ability to breastfeed yet, and needed to figure out how to use a bottle first. She told me to pump every time Lilli ate for about 15-20 minutes, and she would eventually latch.

Not knowing any better as a first time mom, I listened to her.

We went home from the hospital, and we still couldn’t get Lilli to latch. We would put her up to my breast, and she would either fall asleep or scream. So I pumped. And pumped. And pumped. Three days later, my milk supply still had not come in. That was also the day Lilli’s bilirubin levels spiked, and she was admitted to the children's hospital to be placed in a bilirubin light incubator. 

That evening was the first time I met Michelle. Michelle was a lactation consultant through our hospital that Lilli was staying. She came in and sat down next to me, and for the first time since I gave birth, I was asked how I was doing. I started crying, and told her all about our breastfeeding issues, the pain I was in, and most of all, how my baby was sick and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Michelle promised to check in a couple of times a day until Lilli was released, and that she would help me in every way she could, but especially with breastfeeding. Lilli was unable to leave the incubator for the first two days she was in the hospital. Since I was unable to hold her, she couldn’t attempt to breastfeed. Michelle had me on a pumping schedule, and said my milk should be in at any moment, and was probably just a bit slow because of Lilli being a preemie and the stress.

She was right.

That night my milk came in in full force. I was fully engorged to the point where I couldn’t wear a bra, and my milk supply was insane. I was pumping more than enough milk for Lilli, but no matter how much I pumped, I wasn’t able to release the fullness in my breasts. Michelle took some cabbage and some ice packs to literally wrap around my upper body. It barely released any pressure, but it felt better. It stayed that way until Lilli was allowed to come out of the incubator and try breastfeeding. Unfortunately, I was way too full for her to latch. That was when Michelle introduced me to a nipple shield. She attached it, and for the first time since Lilli was born, she breastfed.

I was crying and overjoyed. Lilli would only take the one side, but I didn’t care. I was just so happy. That nipple shield was my saving grace at that moment…but only for a moment.

Lilli was released, and we went home, again. Kyle went back to work, and I was home alone with Lilli. I continued to breastfeed with the nipple shield and pump the side Lilli didn’t eat on. We had a couple of pediatrician appointments a week due to Lilli’s jaundice for two weeks, and in those two weeks, Lilli didn’t gain any weight. I was told to stop breastfeeding, and to either pump and feed Lilli through a bottle or to formula feed her.

I continued to pump, and started to see Michelle on a weekly basis. We tried to get Lilli to latch properly, but she wouldn’t without a shield. So, I would let her breastfeed for a few minutes on the shield, then feed her a bottle, then pump.

My entire life revolved around pumping. I would no sooner get done pumping, and it was time to feed Lilli again. This is when my postpartum depression really started to hit me, although I didn’t know it at the time. I felt like a failure, and I wanted to give up every day. I was so discouraged, but I just so badly wanted to breastfeed Lilli. 

About a month later, we had the scare of our life. For a couple days, Lilli was really disinterested in food. She never acted hungry, and despite our efforts to feed her, she would scream and move away from the bottle. It was a Friday night when I noticed that Lilli started coughing when I tried to feed her. She screamed from 4 am that day to 11 pm. We ended up taking her to the hospital to be seen, but after telling us that she was just colic, they sent us home. I knew something didn’t feel right, so I stayed up with her the rest of the night and let her sleep on my chest. I was so worried for her, but I didn’t know why yet.

Saturday morning came and things weren’t any better. Lilli continued to reject the bottle, and I called her pediatrician the moment they opened and explained to them what was going on. They told me to watch for signs of dehydration, and to syringe feed her milk throughout the day. I did all day, but she wasn’t acting like herself. I told Kyle that something wasn’t right. She was barely awake all day, and when she was, she was lethargic and wouldn’t eat. I kept calling our pediatrician, and then said that they wanted her to come Sunday morning if she still wasn’t any better. I was frustrated, and so scared for Lilli. We continued to try and syringe feed her, but with the lack of wet diapers and the change in her, I knew there was something wrong. It was around five when I gave Lilli another syringe. She immediately started screaming, and then her screaming turned into gasping for breath, and then in a matter of seconds, Lilli turned blue. Her lips, then around her mouth, and then her chin and cheeks. She had completely stopped breathing, and Kyle and I immediately began trying to get her to breathe, and thankfully when we picked her up and hit her back a couple of times, she took a breath. It was a labored breath, but she was breathing. She was taking short little breaths the whole way to the hospital, where she was finally admitted. Longer story short, they told us that Lilli had severe acid reflux, which was worsened when she ate, and the acid was coming up so far that it was overflowing into her air ways, which is why she stopped breathing. She was associating the bottle/breast with pain and choking; therefore, didn’t want to eat. She was placed on a special formula, and wasn’t allowed to have any breastmilk for a week.

But I continued to pump and store it until we were back to our normal routine. 

Lilli was around two months old when my milk supply started to suffer, I’m assuming from stress. I wasn’t pumping enough for Lilli by a long shot, and I had to supplement with formula. I was so mad at myself, blaming myself that Lilli wasn’t latching and thinking it was my fault my milk was so low. 

I continued to see Michelle and joined a support group. Lilli wasn’t gaining a ton of weight, but she wasn’t loosing. She still wouldn’t latch without a shield, and she was transferring milk so poorly from the shield that she was mostly bottle fed breastmilk / formula. I was so discouraged at this point that I was so ready to just give up. I knew breast milk was best for her, but I was so stressed out and struggling with PPD, that I just wanted us to stop.

That week I went to our regular support group for breastfeeding mamas. That week is the week that another lactation consultant heard Lilli “click” while she was eating. She checked around her mouth and could see a tongue tie, and she was fairly certain there was a lip tie.

Finally, an answer to why. Why she wouldn’t latch. Why she wasn’t transferring milk well. Why she had such a hard time eating.

We made an appointment with a dentist specialized in lasering tongue and lip ties. Within the next couple weeks, we made the trip down and had them both cut (lasered). More on this process later. Too much for one blog post. ;)

Lilli wasn’t able to latch without the shield the first day, as expected. They told us to take it easy, that she would be tired, and to try the next day.

And the next morning, Lilli latched without a shield.

It hurt. OH did it hurt. Like digging my fingers into the chair as she ate hurt. It did for a good couple of weeks until she learned how to properly latch. 

And we were golden after that moment….

Just kidding.

Not too long after (like a few days), Lilli began spitting up more than usual. Like a lot. Her entire meal was coming up and it was forceful. Her “colic” became super colic, and she again, was refusing to eat.

After seeing two GI doctors, many appointments with her regular pediatrician, and keeping a food journal, I ended up having to cut out all dairy, chocolate, caffeine, and spicy food.


But I did it. I cut all of them out for five months, until I reintroduced them back in slowly at around 7 months. I was only able to eat like a teaspoon of cheese once a week for a while. But thankfully, now (at 10 months), I can pretty much eat what I want, as long as I don’t go overboard with dairy or chocolate. 

And now we are golden. Lilli latches fine, eats fine, gets enough milk from just me, and we are doing so much better - both emotionally and physically.

Breastfeeding can be so tough. SO tough. It’s a struggle that not many know about. But, whether your child is breast fed or formula fed, YOU are SO strong. YOU are a GOOD mama. YOU are doing what’s best for YOUR family.

And that’s all that matters.

I hope and pray that if you are struggling right now, that your struggles may be lifted by our Heavenly Father, and that you find peace in this moment. You can do this, whatever this may be for you.

Please, if you need any support or have any questions about anything that I talked about, please reach out to me. I will be more than happy to talk with you!

xoxo, Brandi

Monday, August 1, 2016

the weekend

Hey all!

Happy August! I cannot believe that it's already August and that we can officially say that our baby girl turns one next month. That's insane!

We didn't do too much this weekend, as in a lot of running. We stayed home, relaxed, and got a ton done around the house. Stuff that we've been trying to get done for months. So I was more than happy to stay home this weekend.

Saturday we lounged around in the morning - ate some donuts and then got some stuff done around the house. We made some lunch at home, then went out for fro-yo to help the teething baby.
headband // moccs
Sunday was our norm - breakfast then church. We went to great-grandpa's afterwards for lunch, then lounged the rest of the day at home watching Harry Potter (because when are we not watching Harry Potter) and grilling out.

This weekend we accomplished: hanging up some decorations around the house, our chalkboard wall in Lilli's play room, we put together our outdoor swing, hung up our projector in our movie room (90 inch screen!!), and we even got all of the laundry done. say whaaat.


I can't even tell you how excited I am for all of the ideas I have for the chalkboard wall! Also super excited that I finally found the perfect piece for above our sink. I've been searching for months for the perfect one and I found it at Kirkland's - on clearance. double win.

How was your weekend?! I hope it was fantastic!

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xoxo, Brandi