Tuesday, July 26, 2016

t e n m o n t h s

We are officially in the double digits, and mama is trying not to lose it that we are going to have birthday party in two months.

dress // old navy
the numbers // 16.11 pounds.

teeth // she has two right now, but as we speak, she has two cutting + one on its way.

big things this month // says "dada" (first word!) + "mama" (came a few days after dada), + "hi!". She close to perfecting her sign language for "milk". She's almost clapping when you say "yay!". Getting closer to crawling!

the details // bold is this baby. She has no fear in telling you when she's not happy. But she is the happiest little girl. She's always smiling at everyone around her, and she get's so excited over everything, even the small things. She's my role model. :) Always eating and then always wanting more. She can never sit still, and she always has to be doing something with her hands... just like her mama. She knows what she wants and wants it when she wants it. haha! Most definitely a water baby. Bath time usually ends up with Lilli and mama and daddy all wet from someone's splashing. :) Still a huge mama's girl. But that's okay. I love our moments together when I pick her up, and she plops her head on my chest and just sits there. Be still, my heart.

sleep // Getting better with naps, but we did end up hiring a sleep therapist. She sleeps awesome at night, usually 6:30 pm ish to 6:30 am ish. But naps... that's a different story. We start next week, so more on that later!

food // Still 99% baby led weaning. We do give her pureed prunes or applesauce every day to keep her regular. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are usually what we are eating. Snacks usually consist of Cheerios or some kind of puff or cracker. Her favorites at the moment are: mama's whole wheat apple muffins (devours them), nutrition bars, quesadillas, ground turkey/beef, peanut butter, bread (loves her carbs), Silk yogurt, and apples. She's still breastfed. With meals, we've been trying to give her a sippy cup, but she has none of that. I think we've bought every single one on the market, haha!

Happy t e n months, girlfriend. You are my best girl.

xoxo, mama


  1. Oh my goodness what a cute little peanut! Happy 10 months to your sweet baby girl!

  2. She is so cute and 10 months already!? So crazy. My girls love sign language too! It is so much fun to watch them grow, speak and sign.

    1. I know, right?! They grow so fast - too fast. That is so awesome!!

  3. First words! Yay!

  4. This is so precious-I love how she's dressed-nothing is cuter than a baby in seersucker-awe!!!