Wednesday, June 29, 2016

n i n e m o n t h s

Oh, my sweet L. Nine months. The best months of my life, thus far.


the numbers // 16.3 pounds, 25 inches tall.

teeth // two, and working on more.

big things this month // waving hello and bye bye, standing on her own for a few minutes up against something, “talks” back and forth to us, + close to crawling.

the details // She may be little, but her personality far exceeds her smallness. She smiles so big it looks as if it hurts her face. She is just so bold. She gets overly excited about everything, and it’s adorable. She loves to laugh, giggle, talk, and screech. She’s still a water baby, and we are loving all the water time this summer so far. She smiles at everything until they look at her…but nobody better take her out of mama’s arms, haha! Mama’s girl, through and through. She wants everyone to know she’s in the room, and with the way everyone congregates around her when she is, I think it’s safe to say - they know. She still not a fan of naps, silly girl. She loves to eat, both in terms of milk and food. And most of all, she’s still the little light of our lives. She’s the most amazing little girl, and we are so blessed to watch her grow and transform every month.

food // L is 99% in baby led weaning mode. She gets pureed fruit every now and then to get the gears going, if you catch my drift. She gets breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on her naps (more on that later). She usually gets what we eat, or leftovers. She pretty much loves everything we’ve given her, minus a texture issue here and there. Other than solids, she’s still breastfed.

sleep // ugh. I wish this one was a more positive note, haha! She not a napper. She loathes naps. Like girlfriend, you’re going to miss these naps, I promise. She’s better than she was, though, thank goodness. She’s around two naps a day, depending on the day. Still fights naps like c r a z y, but we are getting there. Pretty much sleeps through the night. She wakes up here and there to find her paci and then out she goes before we even reach the room. Still wakes up crazy early in the morning. We are working on that, too. Any tips?!

She’s my girl, that’s for sure.

xoxo, Brandi

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