Wednesday, June 29, 2016

n i n e m o n t h s

Oh, my sweet L. Nine months. The best months of my life, thus far.


the numbers // 16.3 pounds, 25 inches tall.

teeth // two, and working on more.

big things this month // waving hello and bye bye, standing on her own for a few minutes up against something, “talks” back and forth to us, + close to crawling.

the details // She may be little, but her personality far exceeds her smallness. She smiles so big it looks as if it hurts her face. She is just so bold. She gets overly excited about everything, and it’s adorable. She loves to laugh, giggle, talk, and screech. She’s still a water baby, and we are loving all the water time this summer so far. She smiles at everything until they look at her…but nobody better take her out of mama’s arms, haha! Mama’s girl, through and through. She wants everyone to know she’s in the room, and with the way everyone congregates around her when she is, I think it’s safe to say - they know. She still not a fan of naps, silly girl. She loves to eat, both in terms of milk and food. And most of all, she’s still the little light of our lives. She’s the most amazing little girl, and we are so blessed to watch her grow and transform every month.

food // L is 99% in baby led weaning mode. She gets pureed fruit every now and then to get the gears going, if you catch my drift. She gets breakfast, lunch, and dinner depending on her naps (more on that later). She usually gets what we eat, or leftovers. She pretty much loves everything we’ve given her, minus a texture issue here and there. Other than solids, she’s still breastfed.

sleep // ugh. I wish this one was a more positive note, haha! She not a napper. She loathes naps. Like girlfriend, you’re going to miss these naps, I promise. She’s better than she was, though, thank goodness. She’s around two naps a day, depending on the day. Still fights naps like c r a z y, but we are getting there. Pretty much sleeps through the night. She wakes up here and there to find her paci and then out she goes before we even reach the room. Still wakes up crazy early in the morning. We are working on that, too. Any tips?!

She’s my girl, that’s for sure.

xoxo, Brandi

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

what I'm reading

I am a huge bookworm. If I could read for a living and get paid for it, that would seriously be my dream job. I just love getting lost in a good book when I have a spare (rare) moment.

drink cozy
what I’m reading

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks // Nicholas Sparks is my homeboy. I absolutely love his books, as cliche as that might be. My fan girl level went to a new high after reading The Longest Ride. It’s definitely my favorite book written by him. I finished the book in two days (and I’m a stay-at-home-mom haha!). I read it in every spare moment. I can’t wait to see the movie; I’ve heard it’s wonderful! Have you seen it? What do you think of it?

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells // I bought this book in a used bookstore on vacation because I needed a new book to read on the car ride home. This book is very… different. Haha, definitely not what I was expecting! I’m so intrigued with it though. I haven’t finished it yet, so no spoilers! I haven’t seen the movie for this book either. Have you?

Open Your Bible by Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams // I started this devotional with a friend, and while it’s outside of my normal devotional topics, I am so glad I started it. The Lord has definitely spoken to me through these pages, and I definitely recommend it to those of you that struggle to just sit down and open your Bible and READ on a daily basis!

The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman // Hubs and I started this book a while back, and while we still haven’t finished it yet (we are really tired), we LOVE it. Definitely worth every single penny plus a million more. Our marriage has reached a whole new level in just the weeks we’ve been reading it, and I can’t wait to see how it works in our marriage in the rest of the book!

What are you reading right now? Any recommendations?!

xoxo, Brandi

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

summer bucket list // 2016

I feel like 2016 has just flown by. Is that just me?

I’m normally not a huge summer person; the heat has always bothered me (I know, sue me), but now that the little babe is here, I’m a bit more excited for summer than before ;)

We have so many things we wish do to this summer, and I hope we can mark off most, if not all, the things on our list!

summer bucket list // 2016

1 // go to the beach.
2 // go to the splash pad.
3 // go to the lake.
4 // go on vacation.
5 // create some art with some chalk.
6 // go to the zoo.
7 // go to a concert.
8 // go eat somewhere new.
9 // take summer pictures.
10 // see some fireworks.
11 // go somewhere new.
12 // go hiking.
13 // go for a long bike ride.
14 // go out for a family ice cream date.
15 // go to a state fair.
16 // go mini golfing.
17 // go to a farmer’s market.
18 // go to a drive in movie.
19 // have a legit picnic.
20 // make smores.

What is your must do on your bucket list this summer?!

xoxo, Brandi

Thursday, June 16, 2016

things I am/things I do

I recently came across a series of blogs that started a “things I am / things I do” thread of posts to build up some positivity and confidence in all of their lives. I loved reading through them, seeing how each woman gave herself some credit and loving herself as she should.

I am the first to admit that I don’t give myself enough credit, and I am most definitely my toughest critic. It’s one of my greatest flaws.
I am working on that area of my life so I can teach my little babe that she needs to love herself and to give herself a pat on the back when she deserves it. 
We all need to show ourselves some love more than just once and a while!

things I am // things I do

1 // I do everything in love. Whether that be a friendship, a simple act of kindness, a random encounter in the store, or even my marriage / my role as a mother - I do it all with love in the front of my mind. I want everyone that comes to me to leave happier than they were before they got there.

2 // I give everything 110%. While this can be a flaw at times, most of the times it is not. I’m not one to do anything half way.

3 // I am a good mother. Some days, this seems like the farthest thing from the truth. But I need to remind myself more often that I am a good mother, all of the time. The love I have for my daughter is so fierce and so full, and that makes me a good mother.

4 // I am creative. I have people compliment me quite frequently that I’m creative, and that’s something I try to embrace on a daily basis, especially since creativity runs my business. :)

5 // I am sensitive. Oh boy. Normally, I would say this is a bad thing. But - as much as it can hurt me, it has greatly shaped me into the person I am today. I am immensely compassionate and loving, because I want no one to hurt, ever. My mom tells me all the time when I’m having a “sensitive moment" that when I was a baby, I used to cry when other babies cried because I was sad that they were sad. Silly as that sounds, that’s still true for me today. It’s molded me into the person I was meant to be, and that's okay.

I feel like I should end that list here, but now that I have dug deeper into what I am / what I do, I know that there is so much more to love about myself than I give myself credit for.

I challenge you to take this prompt, and to spread some more positivity around in your own life. You deserve it. :)

xoxo, Brandi

Thursday, June 9, 2016

beauty overhaul project | day two

Guys. I'm so glad that I started the beauty overhaul project.

I've gone through so many products, and have actually cleaned out a drawer in the bathroom.

say whaaaaat.

I know, crazy. I've been going through products left and right, and have found some that I absolutely love - and some that I absolutely hate.

Let's get started //

degrease shampoo // I originally bought this this past winter. My scalp gets so dry and itchy during the colder months, and I desperately needed something to help it. After searching for hours for something that could help, I came across this shampoo with some pretty good ratings and decided to try it. The bottle is kind of small, and I usually have to use a small handful to get enough to coat my hair. It's not the cheapest shampoo, but also not the most expensive. But it really worked. My scalp was noticeably less itchy and dry after the first week (about one use or so). It cut down the oiliness in my hair, too. The only big dislike I had was that it made the rest of my hair, especially my ends, really dry. I had to use quite a bit of conditioner on the ends of my hair when I used it. But, it helped my scalp so much that it was worth it when I needed it.

simple smoothing facial scrub: // let me start out by saying that I think this product all depends on your skin type. I've mentioned before that pregnancy drastically changed my skin, making it super dry and sensitive. I have to be super careful in the products I use, especially on my face. That being said - this product definitely did not work for me. It actually hurt my face to use, and felt really abrasive. I think this product is meant for those who have oily and less sensitive skin. I also didn't care much for the scent. at all. So basically, this is a no from me.

mother earth creations coffee almond scrub // if you are looking for a scrub, I 110% recommend mother earth creations. Her products are amazing, and one of the few that work on my crazy sensitive skin. I love all of her products. I talked about her coconut tree scrub in my last beauty overhaul post, and I also have come to love her coffee almond scrub as well. I use this scrub on my body and I use the coconut scrub on my face. They both exfoliate amazingly well, while remaining gentle, and they smell wonderful. double thumbs up for me!

big sexy hair hair spray - spray and play // I got this hair spray for free once during a promo at Sephora, and I fell in love with it. I use very little at a time because a little bit goes a long way, and I don't usually have to use too much anyway because of the texture of my hair. It's a little pricey, but a good hair spray for the price!

xoxo, Brandi

Monday, June 6, 2016

first family vacay

helllloo from a super refreshed little momma.

we just got back from our first family vacation yesterday and it was a much needed break from reality and daily life.
and i'm not complaining about all the extra help I had from a 24/7 ride along hubby. haha!

papa bear shirt // lace cardigan (use code JGRRI to get $10 off)
We stayed in a friend's cabin for a few days in Wisconsin. It was beautiful. We were right next to the water no matter where we were, and it was glorious.

We took L to the beach for the very first time, as well as the marina. We shopped the cutest of shops, ate the best food, and explored all of our surroundings.

mermaid outfit

Tell me L is not the cutest little mermaid you've ever seen.

She's perfect, I tell you.

We had so much fun on our little getaway, but the best part was getting to spend some family time together and enjoying each other.

phone case // lace headband

Now, back to reality!

xoxo, Brandi