Wednesday, May 11, 2016

this month’s oily order | young living

I am always so excited to get my Young Living Essential Rewards oily order every month and to try out all my new oily goodies.

This month’s oils have so many uses, but then again, all of the oils do!

this month’s oily order

Orange: I ordered orange this month because I have quite few beauty and household things I want to use it for, such as: a DIY air freshener, DIY lip scrub, and DIY body scrub. I’m sure I’ll find some more uses for it, but for now, these are my main to-dos!

Eucalyptus Blue: My main purpose for buying this oil this month was to help with aa nasty cold that L and I caught. It is wonderful to helping to clear congestion and help you breathe a bit better. All I did throughout the duration of my cold was open up the bottle and breathe in that crisp scent. Hellloooo better breathing.

Cedarwood: We got this oil this month for two reasons. One) my husband wanted to try it in his shampoo to help with hair shedding (lavender is also wonderful for this, and is what I use in my shampoo), and two) we are planning on using it for a DIY bug spray this summer!

Citronella: I bought this one mainly for the summer. It’s another component of the DIY bug spray, and we are planning on diffusing it nights that we are out on the porch and don’t want to be bothered by tiny little buggers.

I will definitely update you on all my DIY plans as they come along!

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living and/or essential oils, check out this link here!

xoxo, Brandi

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