Wednesday, May 4, 2016

seven months

Seven months seemed a lot longer before it went by in the blink of an eye.

This month has been quite the show. Between two sicknesses, another ear infection, ongoing belly issues, two teeth, and a whole new sleep pattern, it's been a whirlwind, to say the least.

But every month that goes by with my little babe is beautiful and a wonderful blessing. Her smiles get bigger and brighter with each passing month. Be still, my heart.

s e v e n

the numbers: she weighs around 15.1 and is 24 inches tall. she wears six month tops, and 0-3 through 6 month pants. six month sleepers. size three diapers.

teeth: one and a half currently. still working on that second one but it's [] this close.

food: she love apples, applesauce, teething wafers, and graham crackers the most. there is nothing she won't try as of right now, and she has tried a lot this month. she's not the biggest fan of green beans. she doesn't eat a ton of solids, but when she wants them, she loves them.
other than solids, she's still breastfed. she lovessss her milk. she would sit and breastfeed all day we could. I thoroughly enjoy the cuddles she gives when she's eating though. 

sleep: naps have drastically improved, give or take the random bad day. she sleeps through the night most nights, sometimes wakes just to search for her pacifier or to move positions. she takes three naps a day, one morning nap, one mid afternoon nap, and one late afternoon cat nap. we have a hard time getting her to nap on the go, so we usually have to be home during nap time. we aren't on a set schedule, but we are more scheduled than we were.

other things: things are pretty much the same as they were in her six month update. her personality comes out more everyday. she's a bundle of smiles, screeches, and giggles. we can tell that she has a very bold personality, at least as of right now.

she's still a very huge mama's girl, and she has recently started to reach for me, which melts my heart. 

our dog is her other best friend at the moment. she finds her hilarious and tries to "hug" her anytime she's near.

she is so curious. she wants to see, touch, look at everything / put everything in her mouth. we are constantly on the move as she wants to see new things all the time. she grabs for everything.

she loves it when I sing to her, and I enjoy it equally.

she still loves her pacifiers. she uses the nuk brand 99% of the time.

she finds all of her toys interesting, but especially any teething toys.

she can sit up, but she doesn't like to. she either wants someone to hold her, stand her up, or she wants to be on her back. she refuses to be on her belly, and she will roll right over onto her back.

she can roll back to belly and belly to back. but mostly prefers to stay on her back unless she's reaching for something.

her laugh. oh, that laugh. it's so cute and contagious. I could listen to it all day long.

she loves to play peek a boo.

she went to her Grandma P's for the first time this month. we also celebrated both grandma's birthdays, as well as mommy + daddy's.

she's a very light sleeper most of the time. but she's the cutest sleeper ever. she always has her hands above/underneath her head, or she's rolled on her side with her hands on her face. it's so precious.

she loves to play with my feet and I have no idea why. you do you babe.

I say this every month, but truly I mean it: I could go on for days talking about my little babe. I could never cover everything in one blog post. But I also truly mean this: every day spent with you is my greatest blessing little babe. you are my whole sunshine.

xoxo, Brandi

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