Tuesday, May 17, 2016

favorite newborn items

As a first time mom, I was flooded with advice about what I should get for my baby from the moment I peed on the stick. And, as first time parents, we bought a lot of things we didn’t need.
I believe that all babies are different as to what they will want/need, but I hope this list helps you with at least one of the many decisions you have to make! ;)

SnuzaThis is one of my top favorite items. I was extremely worried and scared of everything under the sun when we first brought our baby home, but this helped calm my mind tremendously. My daughter is six months old and we still use it. It’s small, easy to take on the go, and comfortable for baby. We’ve only had one false alarm the entire time, and it was our fault during a very tired night. ;)

{Side note: once baby starts rolling, it’s more prone to fall off and set off a false alarm.}

Halo Sleep Sack: I think these things are legit life savers. My little babe is a pro at waving her hands around to keep herself awake. This prevents that while keeping her cozy and warm for a good sleep. We used it until she started to roll.

Vintage Honey Shop Necklace: I of course had to add my favorite thing ever in this list. ;) I wrote a previous post about how much I love these necklaces, and it still rings true today. I wear my necklaces almost every day, as they are the best thing to have while nursing, baby wearing, during teething, when you are just being a mom, etc. 

Noise Machine: I am being so serious when I say that this is a must. Little babes are so used to loud white noise in the womb, and they sleep so much better (at least in my experience) with some kind of sound, like white noise, in the background. Any noise machine will do as long as it has white noise/soft music/water noises/etc.

Swing: Our swing was a lifesaver in the beginning months when I needed to put my daughter down for a minute but she still wanted to rock. We didn’t buy anything fancy and it worked perfectly. 

Carrier: I cannot rave enough about baby carriers. We use ours all.the.time. I would recommend buying/borrowing/renting one cloth wrap and one carrier that buckles so you can see which you like/baby likes better. We used a cloth wrap for a couple months before neither of us liked it anymore, and then we switched to a LilleBaby buckle carrier and we are both happy.

{side note about the LilleBaby}: it has SO many bells and whistles, and you will probably be overwhelmed when you first get it but, once you get it all figured out it’s amazing. It’s the only carrier that doesn’t hurt my back and those bells and whistles come in handy when they are needed. I have also heard that many moms love their Tulas, too.}

Car Seat Cover: We found out the hard way that we needed one of these, especially in the winter months. We tried the kind that just laid over the car seat and we hated it. The wind always blew it up/off, and we spent the whole time walking from the car to the doors trying to keep it down. We ended up buying this one and this one after a while. They hug the car seat so they don’t fly up, and it keeps the car seat warmer during those cold months.

Boppy Pillow: This came in very handy during our first few weeks of breastfeeding. Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, we love it to set down with our daughter to prop her up, help with tummy time, and we now use it for her to sit up against. I have tried a few brands other than the Boppy brand, but I have not found one that I love more.

BouncerWe didn’t buy this until a couple months after my daughter was born, but I really wish we would have bought it sooner. We used it all the time for her to sit in while we are cooking, cleaning, etc. It’s so handy to have around. 

Hand Sanitizer: I am a hand sanitizer fanatic, but I use it even more now that I have a baby. I keep some in the diaper bag, in my purse, in the car- you name the place, it’s there. I’m sure it has saved us from quite a few sicknesses and it’s good to have around when you need a quick hand wash.

Sit-Me-Up Seat: This is one of our most used products that we absolutely love. We use it every day, and it’s super handy to have when your baby wants to sit up and play at the same time.

{note: while this isn't a "newborn" product, it did come in handy in later months.}

I hope this list was somewhat helpful to you. Babies need so much, yet so little. No matter what you decide to get / don’t get, your baby already has the best thing they can have: you!

xoxo, Brandi

This blog post was written in connection with The Vintage Honey Shop. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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