Friday, May 6, 2016

dear baby on my first mother's day

dear baby on my first mother’s day,

I’ve never done this before. Have you? There are so many feelings to be felt, all beautiful feelings. This day is different than any other days celebrating me: it’s celebrating you and me. It’s celebrating the fact that I am your mama and you are my baby. It’s celebrating the best thing I’ve ever been called: a mama.

I think it sounds like the best of days.

Last year on Mother’s Day, you were still in my belly. While we celebrated that day, this day this year is different. While I held you in my belly last year, this year, I will hold you in my arms. I’ve never held anything better.

On this day, I will probably definitely shed some tears, share a few laughs, and smile the biggest of smiles. On this day, all of those tears, laughs, and smiles will be shared with you. My baby.

This day is supposed to be a day to celebrate me, but I know that it is a day that I will celebrate you, a day that I will be celebrating the greatest blessing: being your mama.

I will hold you close to me and kiss your sweet face. Because, my love, you are the reason for today.

And I couldn’t be happier.