Thursday, May 26, 2016

house inspiration

We are very fortunate to have the home that we have. It's a brand new build, in a good neighborhood, close to work and good schools. It's beautiful. But because it's a new build, it's very plain. As in all of the walls are white, and everything in the entire house matches. It's beautiful, but it's cookie cutter.
We've started transforming each room slowly, and making our house our home. I, of course, went to Pinterest for most of my ideas when it came to each room.

here's a bit of my inspiration:

k i t c h e n

We have dark walnut cabinets in our kitchen, which are gorgeous. But it was different from the original farmhouse, white, vintage kitchen I was working on in our old home. No worries, Pinterest has my back on new ideas. I'm still planning on keeping the vintage and farmhouse part, just in a different color scheme.

l i v i n g  r o o m

I love, love, love our living room. It has super high ceilings and it's very open and cozy. I want it to be one of those rooms you walk into and say "ahh".

m a s t e r  b e d r o o m

We made the biggest mistake ever in our old house when we painted our bedroom navy. Oh Lord, it made it so dark and tiny (and it was already small). As soon as we finished it, I immediately regretted it. So with this house, I made a radical change in the bedroom with lighter color schemes and more of an "airy" and open bedroom. So so so so so glad I did. I love it.

m a s t e r  b a t h r o o m

Our master bath is nice, but it's pretty plain. I'm going for something really relaxing, cause Lord knows I need some relaxation.

g u e s t  b a t h / / k i d s  b a t h

We wanted to go for something relaxing here as well, but different from the master bath. We decided to go with a beachy-spa thing (is that even a thing? we will make it a thing.). We think it'll be a fun theme when L is older, too.

l a u n d r y

Nothing too complicated here. I mean, it's where we keep the litter box and stuff, definitely not going to go all out, haha. But I would like it to be put together and clean, while being simple, too.

l o f t

This is one of my favorite parts of the house. I loooove this spot, and I cannot wait for it to be finished! We have a "loft" as our second story, and it's a pretty large space. We are basically splitting the room in half, dedicating one half to a play room and the other to a movie room. Yes, like a large movie room.

*internally screams for joy*

play //

movie //

o f f i c e

Again, not too extravagant here. K and I both share an office, and we both have different ideas for each of our halves.

my half //


his half //

Can you tell that he's a musician?

o u t d o o r s

I'm not too sure what our landscaping plans for the front are yet, but for the back patio, I have all the plans. We want it to be a spot that our friends and family can gather around for a cookout, bonfire, and just hanging out and having a good time in a nice, cozy, cute spot.

We do have a couple of other rooms in our house, like L's room and a spare bedroom. L's bedroom is already decorated (post to come!), and our spare bedroom is staying bare for a while.
While I know it's going to take forever *sigh*, I am so excited to see all the rooms when they are finished!
Do any of these ideas match your home?!

ps // you can follow me on Pinterest here!

xoxo, Brandi

Friday, May 20, 2016

five on friday | little eats kitchen

This week went surprisingly fast. Did it for you, too? It was beautiful this week with warm weather and sunshine - much needed warm weather and sunshine. L and I are enjoying it before the rain comes next week.

five on friday // little eats kitchen

one // I made these delicious cranberry energy bites and they are some of the best things ever. I’ve been grabbing them all week when I’m hungry but little babe doesn’t have time for that. I added a bit more peanut butter, but still delicious.

two // also in the little eats kitchen this week was baby pancakes. You can find the recipe here, and it’s amazingly simple and easy. Only two ingredients and L devoured them up.

three // I started on my diy recipe box this week. there’s something about having a designated spot for all of my recipes that makes my kitchen feel…. put together? Not sure of the word I’m looking for but I know what I mean, haha!

I found some of the prettiest diy recipe cards and fell in love with them. I just printed them out on some card stock and cut them up.

Also, check out these awesome old recipe cards that I found in my stash that my mom gave me. I have quite a few of them and I want to do something with them in the kitchen, but I’m not sure what yet. Stay tuned.

four // we made this egg roll stir fry this week for dinner and oh my gosh. 
a m a z i n g. and we have left overs for two days! win win win win in my book.

five // I tried making these homemade teething cookie things this week… emphasis on the word tried. I burnt the entire first batch. Ended up with only a few cookies that were edible. Made a huge mess in the kitchen over the course of an hour and a half…. only to find out L doesn’t like them. #momfail. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friends!

xoxo, Brandi

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

favorite newborn items

As a first time mom, I was flooded with advice about what I should get for my baby from the moment I peed on the stick. And, as first time parents, we bought a lot of things we didn’t need.
I believe that all babies are different as to what they will want/need, but I hope this list helps you with at least one of the many decisions you have to make! ;)

SnuzaThis is one of my top favorite items. I was extremely worried and scared of everything under the sun when we first brought our baby home, but this helped calm my mind tremendously. My daughter is six months old and we still use it. It’s small, easy to take on the go, and comfortable for baby. We’ve only had one false alarm the entire time, and it was our fault during a very tired night. ;)

{Side note: once baby starts rolling, it’s more prone to fall off and set off a false alarm.}

Halo Sleep Sack: I think these things are legit life savers. My little babe is a pro at waving her hands around to keep herself awake. This prevents that while keeping her cozy and warm for a good sleep. We used it until she started to roll.

Vintage Honey Shop Necklace: I of course had to add my favorite thing ever in this list. ;) I wrote a previous post about how much I love these necklaces, and it still rings true today. I wear my necklaces almost every day, as they are the best thing to have while nursing, baby wearing, during teething, when you are just being a mom, etc. 

Noise Machine: I am being so serious when I say that this is a must. Little babes are so used to loud white noise in the womb, and they sleep so much better (at least in my experience) with some kind of sound, like white noise, in the background. Any noise machine will do as long as it has white noise/soft music/water noises/etc.

Swing: Our swing was a lifesaver in the beginning months when I needed to put my daughter down for a minute but she still wanted to rock. We didn’t buy anything fancy and it worked perfectly. 

Carrier: I cannot rave enough about baby carriers. We use ours all.the.time. I would recommend buying/borrowing/renting one cloth wrap and one carrier that buckles so you can see which you like/baby likes better. We used a cloth wrap for a couple months before neither of us liked it anymore, and then we switched to a LilleBaby buckle carrier and we are both happy.

{side note about the LilleBaby}: it has SO many bells and whistles, and you will probably be overwhelmed when you first get it but, once you get it all figured out it’s amazing. It’s the only carrier that doesn’t hurt my back and those bells and whistles come in handy when they are needed. I have also heard that many moms love their Tulas, too.}

Car Seat Cover: We found out the hard way that we needed one of these, especially in the winter months. We tried the kind that just laid over the car seat and we hated it. The wind always blew it up/off, and we spent the whole time walking from the car to the doors trying to keep it down. We ended up buying this one and this one after a while. They hug the car seat so they don’t fly up, and it keeps the car seat warmer during those cold months.

Boppy Pillow: This came in very handy during our first few weeks of breastfeeding. Even if you aren’t breastfeeding, we love it to set down with our daughter to prop her up, help with tummy time, and we now use it for her to sit up against. I have tried a few brands other than the Boppy brand, but I have not found one that I love more.

BouncerWe didn’t buy this until a couple months after my daughter was born, but I really wish we would have bought it sooner. We used it all the time for her to sit in while we are cooking, cleaning, etc. It’s so handy to have around. 

Hand Sanitizer: I am a hand sanitizer fanatic, but I use it even more now that I have a baby. I keep some in the diaper bag, in my purse, in the car- you name the place, it’s there. I’m sure it has saved us from quite a few sicknesses and it’s good to have around when you need a quick hand wash.

Sit-Me-Up Seat: This is one of our most used products that we absolutely love. We use it every day, and it’s super handy to have when your baby wants to sit up and play at the same time.

{note: while this isn't a "newborn" product, it did come in handy in later months.}

I hope this list was somewhat helpful to you. Babies need so much, yet so little. No matter what you decide to get / don’t get, your baby already has the best thing they can have: you!

xoxo, Brandi

This blog post was written in connection with The Vintage Honey Shop. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

liebster award nomination

I was so excited to wake up one morning to a message from Rachel nominating me for a Liebster Award! It truly made my day, and it’s such an honor! Rachel is a great writer and her blog is proof of that! You can read her post about her Liebster Award nomination here!

The Liebster Award is a great way to discover new up and coming bloggers. It gives people a great chance to network and meet new people who share a common passion…blogging!

Basic deets when your are nominated:
1. Please thank the blog that nominated you.
2. Select 5-11 bloggers that you would like to nominate for this award. 
3. Let bloggers know you have nominated them. 
4. Create questions for them to answer. Let your creativity and personality shine. 

My questions from Rachel:

1.What made you want to start blogging? 

I mainly started my blog to encourage those around me, and spread some extra love around! Writing has always been a passion of mine, and blogging is my little outlet to write whatever I want to/need to, from DIY’s to just talking about life.

2. If you were stuck on an deserted island and could only bring one item what would it be? 

Hmm.. probably a margarita. Haha!

3. Where are you going on vacation this summer? 

We are going on our first family vacation to Wisconsin this summer! We are staying right on the beach!

4. What is your favorite thing about yourself? 

I hate to admit it, but that’s a hard one. I think I would have to say my kindness. It’s one thing about myself that I have always cherished about myself, and something I never want to lose.

5. Current favorite obsession? (could be a item, place, or anything that you are obsessed with) 

Sleep, hahaha. Okay okay seriously, I would say screen print tees. Or maybe photography. Hard to choose! Screen print tees have been my life line lately. I can be so comfortable but still look semi-put together. But I have also been going crazy with photography lately, trying to catch every moment with my little babe!

The blogs I am nominating for the Liebster Award!:

Alysa from AlysaLovely

Sasha from Ohh Sash

Shelby from Sportyglamama

Tiffani from The Purple Peony

Mare from Having a Henley

The blogs I have chosen deserve so much recognition and support. Please check out their blogs! They are so fun and informative to read. I am glad that I have had the opportunity to read each and every one, and connect with the brilliant writers!

The questions I would like you ladies to answer are: 
1. Why did you start your blog?
2. What is your favorite fashion statement lately?
3. What’s on your bucket list this summer?
4. What is your “thing” that you do to relax?
5. What is your motto for life? (quote, verse, song, etc.)

I would love to thank Rachel from raenicolebeautyxo for this wonderful nomination. Be sure check out her blog!
I can’t wait to meet so many new bloggers and read how you ladies answer these questions! I am so happy to be a part of the blogging community.

xoxo, Brandi

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

this month’s oily order | young living

I am always so excited to get my Young Living Essential Rewards oily order every month and to try out all my new oily goodies.

This month’s oils have so many uses, but then again, all of the oils do!

this month’s oily order

Orange: I ordered orange this month because I have quite few beauty and household things I want to use it for, such as: a DIY air freshener, DIY lip scrub, and DIY body scrub. I’m sure I’ll find some more uses for it, but for now, these are my main to-dos!

Eucalyptus Blue: My main purpose for buying this oil this month was to help with aa nasty cold that L and I caught. It is wonderful to helping to clear congestion and help you breathe a bit better. All I did throughout the duration of my cold was open up the bottle and breathe in that crisp scent. Hellloooo better breathing.

Cedarwood: We got this oil this month for two reasons. One) my husband wanted to try it in his shampoo to help with hair shedding (lavender is also wonderful for this, and is what I use in my shampoo), and two) we are planning on using it for a DIY bug spray this summer!

Citronella: I bought this one mainly for the summer. It’s another component of the DIY bug spray, and we are planning on diffusing it nights that we are out on the porch and don’t want to be bothered by tiny little buggers.

I will definitely update you on all my DIY plans as they come along!

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living and/or essential oils, check out this link here!

xoxo, Brandi

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

new to #LSBBL + giveaway

I've been so busy with the shop lately, adding new items and working on many more!

Here are some of the new items lately:

Love You a Latte Cozy
Sprinkled Donut Cozy

These two cozies are my newest cozies to hit the shop and I am with them! Aren't they just adorable?!

{Bonus!} While this Frappe Cozy isn't in the shop yet, you can get one for free! How, you ask?!

I've teamed up with blogger Tiffani H. to give one of these cozies away to one lucky winner!! For details on how to enter, check out Tiffani's blog post

These cozies will be available for purchase upon the end of the giveaway.

xoxo, Brandi

Friday, May 6, 2016

dear baby on my first mother's day

dear baby on my first mother’s day,

I’ve never done this before, have you? There’s so many feelings to be felt, all beautiful feelings. This day is different than any other days celebrating me: it’s celebrating you AND me. It’s celebrating the fact that I am your mama and you are my baby. It’s celebrating the best thing I’ve ever been called: a mama.

I think it sounds like the best of days.

Last year on Mother’s Day, you were still in my belly. While we celebrated that day, this day this year is different. While I held you in my belly last year, this year, I will hold you in my arms. I’ve never held anything better.

On this day, I will probably definitely shed some tears, share a few laughs, and smile the biggest of smiles. On this day, all of those tears, laughs, and smiles will be shared with you. My baby.

This day is supposed to be a day to celebrate me, but I know that it is a day that I will celebrate you, a day that I will be celebrating the greatest blessing: being your mama.

I will hold you close to me, and kiss your sweet face. Because, my love, you are the reason for today.

And I couldn’t be happier.

I love you, my sweet baby.

love, mama.

last minute mother's day gift

Can you believe Mother's Day is almost here?! I'm a little sentimental this year because it's my first Mother's Day with the little babe outside of my belly.

I put together this gift for both my mama and mama-in-law for their birthdays, but I thought it would be the perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Reasons this is a good gift: one) it's easy. two) it's cheap. three) it's freakin adorable.

last minute mother's day gift

materials needed:

- a pot
- non-toxic paint
- various small candles, such as votives and tarts
- styrofoam
- tissue paper
- cake pop sticks
- washi tape
- anything else you want to stick in the pot


- I did the hand print flowers first. I rolled some non-toxic paint on the little babe's hands, and stuck her hand on the pot to make a "flower". I then make some little stems with leaves for the finishing touches.

- I then cut the styrofoam to fit inside the pot. Make sure you get some styrofoam that easy to push sticks into. I found that out the hard way. Get the softer version versus the hard version.

- I stuck the styrofoam into the pot and put some mint green tissue paper on top. Then I cut up some washi tape strips, and taped the candles onto the cake pop sticks. You could also probably hot glue them, or get some skewers and just stick them in the candle.

- And for the finale, I stuck the flower-candle-dodad sticks into the styrofoam in the pot, along with some sparkly butterfly things I found in the craft section and tada: cutest gift ever.

Have the most wonderful Mother's Day, mamas!!

xoxo, Brandi

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

seven months

Seven months seemed a lot longer before it went by in the blink of an eye.

This month has been quite the show. Between two sicknesses, another ear infection, ongoing belly issues, two teeth, and a whole new sleep pattern, it's been a whirlwind, to say the least.

But every month that goes by with my little babe is beautiful and a wonderful blessing. Her smiles get bigger and brighter with each passing month. Be still, my heart.

s e v e n

the numbers: she weighs around 15.1 and is 24 inches tall. she wears six month tops, and 0-3 through 6 month pants. six month sleepers. size three diapers.

teeth: one and a half currently. still working on that second one but it's [] this close.

food: she love apples, applesauce, teething wafers, and graham crackers the most. there is nothing she won't try as of right now, and she has tried a lot this month. she's not the biggest fan of green beans. she doesn't eat a ton of solids, but when she wants them, she loves them.
other than solids, she's still breastfed. she lovessss her milk. she would sit and breastfeed all day we could. I thoroughly enjoy the cuddles she gives when she's eating though. 

sleep: naps have drastically improved, give or take the random bad day. she sleeps through the night most nights, sometimes wakes just to search for her pacifier or to move positions. she takes three naps a day, one morning nap, one mid afternoon nap, and one late afternoon cat nap. we have a hard time getting her to nap on the go, so we usually have to be home during nap time. we aren't on a set schedule, but we are more scheduled than we were.

other things: things are pretty much the same as they were in her six month update. her personality comes out more everyday. she's a bundle of smiles, screeches, and giggles. we can tell that she has a very bold personality, at least as of right now.

she's still a very huge mama's girl, and she has recently started to reach for me, which melts my heart. 

our dog is her other best friend at the moment. she finds her hilarious and tries to "hug" her anytime she's near.

she is so curious. she wants to see, touch, look at everything / put everything in her mouth. we are constantly on the move as she wants to see new things all the time. she grabs for everything.

she loves it when I sing to her, and I enjoy it equally.

she still loves her pacifiers. she uses the nuk brand 99% of the time.

she finds all of her toys interesting, but especially any teething toys.

she can sit up, but she doesn't like to. she either wants someone to hold her, stand her up, or she wants to be on her back. she refuses to be on her belly, and she will roll right over onto her back.

she can roll back to belly and belly to back. but mostly prefers to stay on her back unless she's reaching for something.

her laugh. oh, that laugh. it's so cute and contagious. I could listen to it all day long.

she loves to play peek a boo.

she went to her Grandma P's for the first time this month. we also celebrated both grandma's birthdays, as well as mommy + daddy's.

she's a very light sleeper most of the time. but she's the cutest sleeper ever. she always has her hands above/underneath her head, or she's rolled on her side with her hands on her face. it's so precious.

she loves to play with my feet and I have no idea why. you do you babe.

I say this every month, but truly I mean it: I could go on for days talking about my little babe. I could never cover everything in one blog post. But I also truly mean this: every day spent with you is my greatest blessing little babe. you are my whole sunshine.

xoxo, Brandi

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

celebrating twenty three

I celebrated my 23rd birthday on yesterday! I feel like after the 21st birthday, birthday’s are just kind of like.. oh hey, it’s my birthday. double that after you have kids.

But it was a super special day, thanks to my hubs and my little babe.

L was super sleepy most of the day, and slept really, really well all day. she even slept in! happy birthday to me! ;)

It was nice though because I’m currently battling a nasty cold, so I rested right along with her.

Minus the cold, it was a great day. K surprised me with breakfast, and I got it eat it hot. whaat.

He surprised me with some lovely gifts, including this shirt

my obsession with screen print tees is getting a little out of hand.

and this picture frame that he made for me (he’s truly the best at woodworking. he makes everything around here!)

he also got me some chocolate that night. calories don’t count on your birthday right?

We ended the day with pizza and watching Netflix. It was crazy up in here y’all.

Really though, it was truly a wonderful birthday. 


in honor of my birthday, here some birthday-ish facts about me:

one: i actually hate birthday cake. I’ve never been a fan of the taste, especially if it’s not homemade. i’ll stick with just the ice cream.

two: i’ve only had three birthday parties in all of my twenty three years of living. 

three: because of that, I want to make all of L’s birthday’s extra special.

four: my favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

five: but sometimes it’s cookie dough.

six: and sometimes it’s something flavored with reeses. #allicecreamisequal

seven: I have a late birthday, and I was always one of the last to turn one year older in my classes in school.

eight: I always hated it and never understood why I had a late birthday until i was old enough to get that concept.

nine: I have only been able to drink on one birthday: my 21st. all my others, I was either underage, pregnant, or sick. totes living it up.

ten: I share a birthday with Dwayne Johnson, David Beckham, and Princess Charlotte. #win.

xoxo, Brandi