Tuesday, April 26, 2016

six month favs

This month has been full of new things: new teeth, new things learned, and new things discovered.

We have had a ton of new favs this month ranging from foods to toys. L has been surprising me every day with how much she learns and new things she does! Slow down, my sweet child.

six month favs

happy baby organic teething wafers: little babe is obsessed (+ I mean obsessed) with these things. They help with sore gums and taste yummy (at least I’m assuming as she devours them up ;). She likes the blueberry + blue carrot flavor best.

banana toothbrush: seems silly, but it’s little babe’s favorite thing to chew on! It has handles to help her grip it, and she can use both hands to hold it. tooth brush made into teething toy.

LilleBaby carrier: this is the only carrier we use anymore. It’s the only carrier that doesn’t hurt my back and the only one L seems comfortable in lately. I’ll take it.

taggies blanket: according to the wonder weeks app (highly recommend, btw), L is immensely interested in the tags on things. not only is she interested in the tags on everything lately, but she's especially loving her taggie blanket. so.many.tags.mom.

vintage honey shop necklace: with three (yes, I said three) teeth all coming in at the same time, these necklaces have been a life saver. you can read about how much I love these necklaces here.

exersaucer: L has been loving this thing lately. all of the toys keep her occupied + works all of her skills too!

copaiba essential oil: again, with the teething. life saver. it can go straight on the gums + it helps straight away!

xoxo, Brandi

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  1. the wonder weeks app is SOO helpful!! definitely worth the money :)