Monday, April 25, 2016

five ways | making your man's b-day extra special

We celebrated K's birthday this past Friday, + I tried to go as all out as I possibly could with how busy and hectic the week was. He's a special man, + he deserved something super special on his special day.

read: special :)

While we did get him some presents, I tried to make the day even more special by doing some heartfelt things throughout the day.

five ways to make your man's birthday extra special:

o n e : make a birthday banner 

we made the one pictured above + surprised K with it when he came home from work. it was easy, cute, and it was an extra little special surprise for him.

for this one, all I did was take some colored embroidery thread, cut some construction paper into triangles, write "happy birthday!" on the paper, tape the paper to the string, and hung the banner on the wall. easy peasy.

t w o : birthday breakfast

one of K's favorite breakfasts are apple fritter donuts. so we went to the store the day before + bought some, and hid them for the morning of his birthday. I made a little "celebrate" sign + taped it to a straw, and stuck the straw in the donut. simple surprise breakfast!

t h r e e : have the babe's wear a "daddy" outfit / or you wear a hubby shirt

If you have kids, stick them in a "i love daddy" shirt or something of the like to get them in on the special birthday things! If you don't have kids, or even if you do, wear a shirt that says "wifey" or "wife of the best hubs ever" (you get the idea). let your man know how proud you are to be his family ;)

f o u r : birthday dinner

K said earlier in the week that he wanted pizza really badly, + I made the excuse that we didn't have the ingredients to make any and that maybe another day.... but really as soon as he said it, I knew I was going to do pizza for his birthday dinner. Make a special dinner just for the birthday boy!

f i v e : birthday dessert

what's a birthday without a little birthday dessert? We went for a skillet birthday cookie and splurged a little on our calories for the day for K's birthday. It's a special day, you can splurge a little. ;)

what are some of your favorite things to do on your man's birthday?

xoxo, Brandi


  1. cute ideas! last year my husband's birthday was on a Sunday, so I snuck out before he woke up and bought a bunch of fresh donuts from Tim's and then piled a couple of them and added a sparkler and woke him up that way for his birthday :)
    I need to figure out what I'm going to do this year, I don't know if sneaking out for something like that will be possible with a newborn haha

    1. That is the sweetest idea!! I think I might need to use that idea ;) Maybe do some sort of craft with little newborn feet?!