Friday, April 22, 2016

five on friday

Lord. Have. Mercy.

This week. I would be okay to never repeat it again.

L is currently cutting three teeth, going through a head cold, and having some repeat belly issues. It's been a cry fest for the both of us all week and we are so happy to see Friday.


anyway. this five on friday is going to be a bit short this week. my apologies.

five on friday

o n e

today is K's birthday! woot woot. i'll write up a post on Monday for you guys about our special shenanigans and fun times.

t w o

with how hectic this week has been, i've been super short on time to make food. but I have been eating quite a few larabars this week and they have been my hunger rescue. you should definitely give them a try! no processed ingredients and they are yuummmy.

t h r e e

these teething wafers have been everything lately. little babe absolutely loves them and she devours them ( & makes a huge mess too ;). I would definitely recommend them!

f o u r

we made this salad this week with some of this bruschetta + it was seriously one of the best meals i've ever made. it took a while to prepare, but oh man it was worth it.

f i v e

K + I started this book together, and we love it so far. we are only a couple chapters in and it's already changing our marriage. you should check it out the next time you are at a book store!

that's it for this friday. have a lovely weekend!!

xoxo, Brandi


  1. Hey! The 5 love languages are seriously life (and love) changing! They have a year long devotional for couples as well written by the same author.

    1. I will have to check that book out too. Thank you!