Thursday, March 24, 2016

what's in the easter basket

I am so excited for Easter. I’m also just as excited for L’s first Easter as I was her first Christmas. It’s one of my favorite holidays!

Even though L will have absolutely no idea what is going on when I had her her Easter basket, I still wanted to put one together for her. I think she’ll enjoy most of it, especially the teething toys. Gotta love teething.

Easter basket. I half way DIYed her Easter basket. I bought the metal basket at Meijer, and then bought a big pink sparkly bow for the handle (you can’t see it in this picture, unfortunately), and then I bought pink glitter letters and stuck her name on. I think it’s pretty cute for a half way DIY.

books. Easter is more than just bunnies, pastels, and eggs for us. It’s all about Jesus and the day He rose. I’m going to make a huge effort every Easter to make it all about Him, and since L is still too little to understand it, I got her a book that she can stare at/chew on/hold on to until she’s old enough to read it. :) I also grabbed her a hard book that has different Easter objects that she can “touch and feel”. + probably chew on because what doesn’t she chew on these days.

teething toys: the teething right now. oh. my. gosh. She’s been working on her first tooth since she was ten. weeks. old. Any day now!

faux leather bow clip: this is the cutest little clip. She has so much hair that we almost need a clip to keep it out of her eyes. Until then, I may or may not use it for my own hair…

headband: we are all about the headbands. Well, I am. L could really not care less. If only she knew how adorable she looks in them. ;)

pacifier clip. I started making these for L a little while ago when she was constantly dropping her pacifier on the ground. I then started selling them in my shop after I had a couple people asking about them. I made this custom one for her in a customer color that I’m not able to get anymore, special just for her. :)

{And with His wounds, we are healed. - Isaiah 53:4-5.}

xoxo, Brandi

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