Friday, March 18, 2016

five on friday

Has this week been super odd for any of you with the time change? I didn't feel like the hour would make that big of a difference...but it did. Like a lot. In good and bad ways. But I am super excited that the weekend is here!

five on friday

o n e 

Little miss sat in a cart for the very first time this week! She's still pretty unsure about it. It only lasted a few minutes before she wanted momma to carry her again. But it was cute while it lasted!

This cart cover that we use is a multi-use cover (breastfeeding cover, cart cover, car seat cover) and we love it! It's so soft and versatile (+ cute!).

t w o

I don't share much about my fitness journey, mainly because it's out of my comfort zone to share. But- I did go down one jean size this week! I don't weigh myself because it gives me too much anxiety, but I can tell that I have lost some inches! Yay!

t h r e e

L and I got our Easter dresses this week, + y'all, I'm so excited. They match perfectly and I can't wait to see how pretty L looks on Easter.

f o u r

We had L's follow up GI appointment + praise God, it's the first time in a really long time that we got more good news that bad! They are doing a belly ultrasound next week to check for anything that's not supposed to be there or anything not working right. They also changed her medicine, and gave her some new meds for belly spasms. She's gaining weight so well all of a sudden (hallelujah!) that they aren't worried anymore. She's up to the 7th percentile, which is the first time she's been above 1%! They actually want her to start solids as soon as she turns 6 months to help with various belly issues, so we will be starting very, very soon.

f i v e

We got our LilleBaby carrier this week! It was a ton more confusing that I thought it was going to be. It took K + I about an hour to figure it all out and actually get in on my body. L wasn't a fan the first time she went in it, and we tried it again and she was so so. Hopefully we get the hang of it, otherwise we will have to save it for later!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

xoxo, Brandi

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