Friday, March 4, 2016

five on friday

Oh man, am I glad to see you, Friday.

This week has been, well, insane. All three of us caught the flu on Monday. It unfortunately wasn't one of those 24 hour things- it was more like a 168 hour thing. K had to call off two days this week, L had to go to the doctor- we were all a mess. Thankfully we are starting to feel a bit more human, but I'll be glad when we are fully human again.

five on friday

o n e

L sat up all by herself yesterday! She's not a super huge fan, I think because it hurts her belly. But she will go for about 10 minutes or so before she wants picked up. Either way, yay!

t w o

We've been loving our Moby wrap this week. L is a "hold me" baby by trade, but when she's sick, there is no such thing as putting her down. This carrier has made it so much easier this week because it held her close to me, it was comfy for both her + I, and we were able to do skin-to-skin in it to help get her fever down.

t h r e e

I had some friends recommend this seat to us a couple weeks ago, + we went ahead + bought it- so glad we did! L loves it so much, + it's adorable.

f o u r

We are those people who lovelovelovelove Harry Potter. It's #HarryPotterWeekend on Freeform (used to be called ABC Family, no idea why they changed it). So we have super awesome plans of sitting on the couch indulging in Harry Potter for the 846328 time. :)

f i v e 

I've talked about The Vintage Honey Shop necklaces before here, + I recently became a blog contributor for their blog! My mom bod post was featured on their blog last week, which was then featured on Breastfeeding Mama Talk! It reached over 137,000 people! whoop whoop!
{ps: you can find this cozy on my Etsy shop!}

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xoxo, Brandi

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